Awesome Uses of Coca Cola In The Garden

Using Coca-Cola in the garden sounds strange, right? This Coke is the most popular beverage in the world and is preferred by many people of all ages, they drink it as a delicious drink. So, either you hate or love it, Coca-Cola is one of the best-selling beverages in the world. Although it has adverse health effects, it can be helpful in gardening. And in the post today, we will share some ways that you can use Coca-Cola in your gardening work.
Awesome Uses of Coca Cola In The Garden
The use of Coca-Cola gets rid of slugs, snails, and mealybugs easily. Besides, the acidic nectar of its manure is applied as a compost starter. How about some uses for this drink in gardens? Keep reading to find out more about using Coke in the garden. Using Coke in the garden, really!

#1 Get Rid Of Slug

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Like using the beer to attract slugs, you can make it by pouring some Coca-Cola into a low bowl overnight, and the snails and slugs will be attracted to it. The acid in the soda will get rid of these pests. Choose the place where you find the slugs most in the garden and mark from 2 to 3 spots.

#2 Repel Mealybugs

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If you want to repel mealybugs, you can use a light cola, without any sugar, in a spray bottle and spray plants until wet.

#3 Make a Wasp Trap

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To get rid of wasps and hornets in the garden, you can use coca-cola by placing a bowl filled with coke at an open spot somewhere in your garden. And these predator insects will attract towards the sweet nectar, similarly, you can also kill the flies.

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#4 Compost

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Coca-cola has a mildly acidic nature that will help break down organic matter, while its sweetness helps attract micro-organisms that aid in the composting process. Simply, you just pour the soda over your compost.

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