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It is not always thought fixed that the best AOVO electric scooter in the top quality must have no deep coupon codes, discounts, or special offers. In the review below, you will have not only a full detail about AOVO’s products but also some tips to get its lower price from their website.

If you’re struggling to evaluate which scooter is better, you’ve in the right place. We can make sure that by cutting a deal with a popular brand like AOVO, you will see yourself having the best shopping experiences ever.

It’s no doubt that AOVO PRO “speed hack” is the best choice for adults compared to other same field brands in terms of the golden service, competitive prices, and fashion design. 

Products also are improving to win global customer’s trust with many new functions, also unique features: zero starts, IP65 design, whole scooter waterproof, cruise control,… In this AOVO PRO M365 350W Foldable electric scooter(with app) review below, you will have a complete reference from various sources before choosing some items on shop.


Aiming to make your life easier, AOVO with nothing more than to be entirely satisfied. The products are produced under rigid quality control which succeeds in continuously dropped new edit versions every year to perfect itself. Their scooters will fit to be a new member of your vehicle collections.

 “ Making the world more environmentally friendly and effective, AOVO scooter is our best choice to make your life more convenient, green, effective and portable”

To convey a special mission, AOVO’s creations also change to inimitable and meet buyer’s demands. Set your mind at rest that the quality of the product is guaranteed up to one year, plus and receive a monster discount off your first order with many other promotional materials. 

Built by the most durable and hardest part, this scooter will not just attract you at first sight but also keep the same quality for many upcoming years. If you are finding an affordable, safe and convenient way to get around, AOVO is the ideal place for you.


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The best foldable manual scooter in the world should get many optimal marks that you have to check out:

Battery 10.5 Ah

The battery capacity of the new AOVO PRO M365 electric scooter has been upgraded from 7.8Ah to 10.5Ah, which improves its maximum range per charge from 21km to 30km. On the other hand, it recharges faster just in 3 – 4 hours 

350W Assist motor

The new AOVO PRO M365 electric scooter works with a 350W motor, compared to the old 250W motor. Its maximum load is more than 120kg, the maximum climb grade is 20 °.


 The battery compartment and circuit of the AOVO electric scooter have excellent waterproof performance, and the wading depth can reach 15cm.

Easy to fold and carry 

With a convenient and compact design, it easily fits in the boot or trunk of your vehicle


Just $369.00, saving $30 for you

Limited in one color: dark grey 

Product size: 1170×1100×430MM 

All AOVO products, especially a recently developed one- AOVO PRO M365 350W Foldable electric scooter(with app) will be of a higher quality than many of us might have imagined, which all will be shown in this review below:

The engine is greatly improved

This scooter has a 10.5 amp-hour lithium battery with 36V installed in the deck which allows it to travel up to reach the max speed at over 30 kilometers an hour- a super long range. Climbing range 20 degrees without speed cut. 

Here is the surprise I promised to you: the sleek and elegant AOVO PRO electric scooter features a minimalistic design made from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and weighs only 12.5kg but it can even drive weight up to 120 kg – tantamount to 2 adults.

a businessman on a Aovo pro scooter

Solid tires and stronger folding structure

The new AOVO PRO electric scooter uses two 8.5 inches anti-skid solid tires instead of the old tubeless tire. Prevented flat tire caused by motor high-temperature.

An IP65 waterproof rating 

The battery compartment and circuit of the AOVO PRO M365 electric scooter have excellent waterproof performance, and the wading depth can reach 15cm. You can get it down dirty and wet without any concern.

A modern design

With a convenient and foldable design, it easily fits in the boot or trunk of your vehicle. This scooter itself has a rear tail light that flashes as you brake, the front led light follows the control screen, a front electrical brake, a kickstand, a rear mechanical disc brake, also a bell, and one button various uses on the zero handlebars.

App functions

On your mobile phone, download the AOVO PRO app. You will see a connection to the scooter and you after can fully manage it from there. You can even firmware upgrade the scooter as well, lock and unlock, check the mileage, put the lights on and off, change the setting, view the current speed and other real-time riding statistics, even including cruise control.

Easy to use 

Turn on the scooter on your press and hold the button. Turn the light on and off, you press once. To cycle through the speed modes, you double press. The screen will show the speed you are traveling and the battery level.


You also can check some reviews here to make sure of your purchase decision on this brand.

Silas Reynolds: “This scooter is cool! It’s like flying on your feet. I ride a 6KM distance every working day during the past month, it’s awesome. Very happy, no complaints.“

Whimscycle: “The scooter is lightweight, easy to fold, and is fast enough for me going up to 15 mph. It is a minimalist scoot. You are not going to know your speed or mileage unless you track it on your phone app. I am a short woman and I feel like this scoot fits me like a glove. It stops just fine with its motor stop paddle or foot brake a la “old school” scootin.”

David I. Casey: “Crazy fun! I ordered two for my wife and me to travel around our downtown. Already, I’ve given up driving to work. It’s about a mile and I just scoot there, take it upstairs with me and scoot home! Delightful ride.”

Michael Williams: “This is a great scooter! I’m 6’4” and weigh 250, and it pulls me along fine around the campground. Not enough oomph for big hills but good on everything else. Charges quickly and can go long way.”

Sakana: “My honey bought this scooter for my bday. I enjoy riding with my daughter, so now he decided to buy him a scooter. 5 stars Razor!!!!”


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AOVO scooter is always the best choice for you with many discount codes and coupons that you can find available details fully here. AOVO – shapes your style, builds your characters, influents your success. Let the AOVO brand make your life easier.

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