An Overview of the Standard Cowboy Hat Styles and Shapes

Not many people wearing a cowboy hat know that the hat shape can define who they are. Also, not many people are aware of the hat shapes that’s best for them. If you are seeking answers to similar questions, this article has you covered. 

The cowboy hats will differ based on where you belong, your individual lifestyle, and various personal choices. And the hat quality will depend on the place from where you purchase them. Furthermore, the cowboy hat shapes will have a distinct impact on the wearer

The cowboy hat shapes – A brief history

The stylish cowboy hats date back to 1865 and resemble the conventional North American cowboy hat. It was John B. Stetson who designed this hat, and it got named as “Boss of the Plains”. After Stetson’s design in the 1860s, several other cowboy hat shapes were made during the 1900s influenced by the Mexican culture. Every hat design secures the wearer from the sun harsh elements and enhances your personal fashion. 

However, if you search the online hat shops and ask other hat makers, they will provide you with hats that doesn’t match with what Stetson initially made. Hence, you will have both modern and ancient makes of a cowboy hat. Therefore, you have the option to make your choice based on your preference and comfort. 

The cowboy hat designs

In case you buy the Stetson cowboy hat, you will start to notice the brim and the crown. The brim is wide and flat, and the crown appears round and tall. When you take a look within the hat, you will come across the sweatband. It enables your head to get a nice fit on wearing the hat and provides extra comfort. 

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The various shapes of the original hat get derived from the brim’s roll and the crown’s crease. You need to know that it differs from the new-age cowboy hat. Are you wondering how does the new-age cowboy hats appear? These hats have a bow towards the band’s left side since most individuals are right-handed. That aside, these hats also come with ornaments, and they can add a sense of beauty to the hat. The latest cowboy hats available are mostly fashionable. If you look at Texas, most of the rangers used stylish hats as their uniforms.

The different shapes of the cowboy hats

Each hat style and shape will highlight the cowboy’s identity. You can assess this by the way the crease appears. Every shape brings forward a meaning. You need to know that the brim will have a lesser effect on the hat shape. Some of the prominent crease shapes include the following:

  1. The Cattleman crease

Cowboy hats in this shape reflect the oldest culture. In case, you are someone who prefers old culture, this hat is perfect for you. This hat dates back to the time when several farmers intended a separate look for a Rodeo cowboy hat. Hence, with this crease, you can expect the crown to be 4 to 5 inches high. The hat brims come with a medium curve and the majority ranges between 4 and 4 and half inches. The hats come with a distinctive crease placement. And there’s a single crease which goes down the crown center. There are two separate wrinkles that go down the hat sides. 

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Most cattlemen were searching for a narrower and taller hat so that the hat can be of help when they hat to encounter heavy rains and harsh winds. The same rule is applicable today. In case, there are heavy winds and rains, it’s possible to pull your hat down. And it’s here that the hat can remain better on your head. 

This crease is suitable for a man and a woman. Today, most people use the cattleman hat similar to a stylish hat. It’s not uncommon to find people wearing the hat at parties and wedding functions. The ones who design these hats don’t add much changes to the actual style. However, when it comes to the cattleman crease, the new-age style you will receive is a Gus Hat, which comes with a pinched front on the crown, making it appear like an outback hat. 

  1. The bowler western

The derby and bowler hat belongs to the culture of England. A man named Bowler came up with this hat shape back in 1849. It became prominent amongst people who resided in Victoria Times. This hat comes with an effortless round crown and has a short but curved brim. Similar to other things, it made its way in the United States via the immigrants. There are several people who loved this hat and it became a style statement in the Old West. 

  1. The Montana mix crease

It also gets known as the Tom crease cowboy hat. The hat has a height between 4 and 6 inches. The hat brim ranges between 4 to 4 and half inches. The hat shape has an exciting history. As the name suggests, it belonged from Montana State. The crease appears like the cattleman crease, but there are a few differences. 

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The Tom crease hats come with minimal indents on the crown sides. Additionally, such indentations are very less at the back. Also, the ident at the center is more towards the front and less towards the back. This crease is marked for the indent placement. The hat also slopes down towards the front and it looks slightly high towards the back.

Additionally, the hats gained ample prominence during the years 1920 and 1930. And it is counted amongst the hat that got designed by Stetson during the early days. The hats are also known as grab and reach cowboy hats in recent times. This is because most individuals tend to hold them right on the crown front. 

These are some of the crucial hat shapes of the cowboy hat that you must know about. It will help you to know about the hat shapes and decide if you wish to sport it. Also, if you want to know more about the hat, you can either research online or ask about the same to an expert hatmaker. 

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