Amok Strongfix Lipstick – A Lipstick Line That Overturns the Prejudice “Strong Lipstick Makes Lips Dry”

Must have lipstick for girls who love orange-red tones

Panorama of beautiful “magic wands”.

Product line Lovefit Whipped Lips has a luxurious appearance but no less youthful and attractive.

“Simplicity is the key to luxury”

360 degree rotating design After a period of use, the lipstick may become drier, the color layers in the lipstick will separate, causing the color uniformity to no longer be the same as before. Rotating the lipstick will cause the color layers to blend and the lipstick color will always remain intact as before.

Rotate like this. Both fun and even lipstick color

The designers of Amok always puts consumer comfort first through small but smart details. Besides the teardrop-shaped brush head, a layer of soft cotton on the rim of the tube ensures that the amount of lipstick is always dispensed just enough.

Here’s a close-up of the sponge, don’t worry about getting too much excess lipstick

The brush head is shaped like a teardrop, making it extremely easy to outline lips

Lipstick That Captures the Heart of “Half the World”

The color palette mostly belongs to cardboard with an orange background

The lipstick is smooth and has perfect color after just one dip of the brush

Discover the Lipstick Color Palette for Girls Who Love Orange – Red Tones

The swatch table summarizes all colors according to lightness levels

Color M125:

This can be described as a fairly bright orange color

Depending on skin color and lip color, the color intensity will be different


This color is quite powdery, remember to nourish your lips thoroughly before applying this

Standard earthy pink color, all skin tones can use it

Color 137

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M137 color is exactly a red orange color, bringing a very “Western” gentleness.

Suitable for the warm undertone that Asian girls often have

Color 141

This is exactly a vibrant coral orange color

The lipstick from this color onwards is extremely smooth, not powdery, and does not dry the lips

Color 144

“When you’re sad, put on lipstick and keep fighting” – Coco Chanel

An unconventional hot red color for girls with yellow skin tones

Color 229

A standard orange color – radiant like the summer sun

It will definitely be popular with active girls

Color 236

This is a pink orange lipstick tone with a bit of brown

A color that is easy to use for all occasions, school, work, or play

Color 312

A very modern earthy brown color

Combined with smoky eye style will create captivating beauty

Color 419

Cool red is best suited for people with cool undertones

The color of royalty

Color 453

This is brick red, classic and luxurious

Going to a party with this color, you will become the most charming lady

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