Amazing Coconut Oil Uses For The Home And Garden

Coconut Oil has many uses in the garden if you know ways to take advantage of it. There are some advantages of Using Coconut Oil for Plants and daily life when applying it as a natural method. In this post today, we want to share the 7 Amazing Coconut Oil Uses for The Home and Garden that you will love to apply.
Amazing Coconut Oil Uses For The Home And Garden
It is an effective and safe anti-harmful insect treatment that is inexpensive and easy to use. You may have used Coconut Oil to repel weeds, make organic pesticides, help foliage more shine, and other uses in the garden that you may not have tried. And all of the good uses are gathered here, you just spend your time exploring them, you will be amazed at the good results that they can bring to. Keep reading to know more detail about cinnamon use and get its superpowers working in your garden.

#1 Makes Organic Pesticide

Source: Greengoldfarms

You can make organic pesticides using coconut oil to keep mealybugs, mites, aphids, and caterpillars away. Way to make, mix coconut oil and castile soap into the empty jar. Close the lid and shake the jar till it turns white. Dilute the solution with a bit of water and fill it into a spray bottle and then apply to your plants.

#2 Control Weeds

Source: Insider

Using coconut oil to get rid of weed is a safe method without damaging your plants. You just simply mix equal parts of vegetable and coconut oil in a saucepan and heat on low flame. Once the solution cools down, transfer it to a spray bottle and spray it on weeds.

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#3 Get Rid Of Grit And Grime

Source: Bobvila

Add 1 teaspoon of baking soda to a bowl of coconut oil and use the paste to get rid of grit and grime in the kitchen and other dirty surfaces. It promises to keep you amazed.

#4 Help Foliage More Shine

Source: Outsideinco

To keep your houseplants always display beautiful shine foliage and keeps the insects away. You can add a few drops of coconut oil to a cotton cloth and gently rub them on the leaves. Remember that when you apply the way, make sure not to place your plants in direct sunlight, as the oil will end up absorbing more heat from the sun and it can burn the leaves.

#5 Repel Insesct And Mosquito

Source: Healthline

When you work in the garden, you can apply coconut oil to your skin to protect you from mosquito attacks.

#6 Provides Relief from Sunburn

Source: Verywellhealth

When you have to work long hours in the garden, you will easily be suffered a sunburn. Applying virgin coconut oil over the area will give you instant relief. It will also reduce swelling and redness.

#7 Body Scrub

Source: Coconettv

If you want to make an organic body scrub, you can mix coconut oil with a little bit of coconut sugar. And then apply it on the dead skin and rub to have smooth and supple results.

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