All About Brow Lamination

Looking to get an eyebrow treatment but not sure if you want to commit to anything painful or permanent? Brow lamination is a new beauty trend that might be the best option for you.

If you’re looking for more information about brow lamination, keep reading. In this post, we’ll go over what brow lamination is, the benefits and risks of it, how the process works, and whether you should go with a professional or not. 

What Is Brow Lamination?

Eyebrow lamination is a new trend that smoothes out the brows, making the hairs straight and vertical like they were brushed out and stuck up with gel. Also called an “eyebrow perm”, this procedure will keep your eyebrows looking full for about 4 to 6 weeks. 

This procedure has become popular because it can keep eyebrows looking full for a long time without coloring or needles. 

Benefits of Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is becoming more popular today because it provides numerous benefits without posing much of a risk. Here are some of the benefits that come with this eyebrow procedure:

  • It covers up any hair loss or thinning from age or stress.
  • It hides any unnatural spaces from past waxing or plucking mistakes. 
  • It provides a defined shape and arch for your eyebrows 
  • It keeps the hairs going in the same direction and uniform, which gives your brows a more tidy look. 

Risks of Brow Lamination 

Even though brow lamination doesn’t use coloring or needles, the procedure isn’t completely risk-free. Most of the side effects are due to the chemicals irritating your skin. Here are the minor risks associated with this procedure:

  • Swelling
  • Peeling
  • Redness
  • Itching 
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These risks are more likely to occur if you don’t moisturize your brows afterward or if you get another lamination too soon. Eyebrow lamination is not recommended for people with a history of skin issues, such as eczema, rosacea, or contact dermatitis. 

The use of chemicals near your eyes always poses a significant risk. Be sure you or your provider know what you’re doing, and use caution when handling these products. 

How Brows Are Laminated

Before you get your brows laminated, you may want to do some touch-ups to get the full effect that you’re looking for. If your eyebrows need to be tweezed or waxed, or if you’re looking to get a color tint, you’ll want to take care of that beforehand. 

When you get your eyebrows laminated, you’re basically giving your eyebrows a perm-like treatment. The first step to this process is applying a perm solution to your eyebrows to relax the hairs and make them appear longer. 

Next, your eyebrows will be brushed upward so all of the hair is uniform and vertical. Once the hairs are in place, a neutralizing lotion is applied to your eyebrows to get them to stick into place. 

The last part of this treatment is the application of a moisturizing oil on your brow to try and keep your skin from drying out. Even after this, you should consider reapplying with a moisturizer each evening to keep your eyebrows from getting dry and irritated. 

Providers and Cost

If you’re looking to get your brows laminated, you should consider going to an aesthetician or an eyebrow specialist.

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To find professionals near you, just search for eyebrow studios in your area. Not all eyebrow studios will offer brow lamination, so be sure to look through their services or reach out to them and ask. 

Brow lamination isn’t nearly as expensive as most eyebrow treatments because they don’t need a lot of products or time.

The cost of the procedure can vary from about $50 to about $120, depending on where you go and if you need additional work done. You can find out the exact pricing by reaching out to the brow specialist you’re planning on going to.

Can You Do It Yourself?

While it is encouraged to see a professional for this eyebrow treatment, there are options to do it yourself.

If you feel more comfortable doing it at home, you should get a brow lamination kit to make sure you’ve got everything you need. These kits are also more cost-efficient because they have the supplies to laminate your brows 20 times!

Alternative Eyebrow Treatment Options

If you’re looking into eyebrow treatments but you’re not sure if brow lamination is right for you, there are other options to choose from. We’ve made a brief list of alternative eyebrow treatments that may be more of what you’re looking for.


Microblading is an eyebrow treatment where a professional makes tiny cuts under your brows and injects pigmentation into them. The results of this procedure make your eyebrows appear fuller, and typically last about 12 to 18 months. 


Microshading is a similar concept as microblading, except it uses small dots to inject pigmentation into your eyebrows. The results of microshading don’t last as long as microblading and will probably need touch-up sessions about every 6 to 8 months. 

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Eyebrow tinting is a much less painful procedure that uses color to make your eyebrows appear darker and fuller. Eyebrow tinting is usually cheaper than lamination, and it lasts for about 3 to 8 weeks. 

Permanent Tattooing

Permanent tattooing is the most invasive eyebrow treatment on this list, but it will give you the color results that you’re looking for without fading anytime soon. To get your eyebrows permanently tattooed, you’ll want to reach out to a permanent makeup artist. 

Maintaining a Trendy Lifestyle 

Brow lamination is currently a popular eyebrow treatment because it offers so many benefits at an affordable cost. Hopefully, this guide gave you everything that you needed to know about brow lamination.

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