Alcohol Withdrawal Treatment: 5 Stages of Detox

Alcohol kills you, slowly. It kills your relationships, career, personality. Alcoholism affects not only the alcoholic person but also his or her family and friends. 

Moreover, if good sense prevails over you and you decide to go off alcohol, you cannot do just like that. With time, alcohol takes a grip over your physiology and psychology in such a manner that you experience deadly symptoms when withdrawing from this poison. 

Experts recommend that you withdraw under the guidance of one of the alcohol detox centers in Florida

The first step to treat alcohol addiction is detox. It is important to free your body systems of the toxicity accumulated inside due to regular alcohol consumption. This helps to avoid long-term irreparable damage to vital organs. Stages of detox can be terrible. Close monitoring and medical supervision help to manage the intense withdrawal symptoms. 

Stages of alcohol detox

Generally, the timeline for alcohol detox is as follows:

  • 6-8 hours of the last drink: You begin to get withdrawal symptoms. You may feel mood swings, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and headache. 
  • 12-48 hours: You get intense alcohol cravings. Your blood pressure may shoot up. You may get a fever. You may become disoriented and irritable and sweat abnormally. 
  • 48-72 hours: This is a highly sensitive stage and a patient may even die, if not monitored carefully by medical experts. At this stage, you may experience hallucinations, tremors, seizures, and delirium tremens. 
  • 3-5 days: Symptoms begin to subside. Your body starts to heal and adjust to the no-alcohol life. You still may suffer from brain fogginess, mood swings, depression, nightmares, and shakiness. You may feel drained of energy. 
  • 1-2 weeks: You start feeling better. Symptoms are almost nil. This is the best time to take counseling or therapy sessions to address the root cause of your alcoholism and to tackle mental issues if any.
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One of the reasons alcoholics avoid taking the decision to quit drinking is they are afraid of the terrible withdrawal symptoms. So, for them, it is “safer” to continue drinking. 

If this is what is holding you back to free yourself from alcohol addiction, then please do not be afraid. Alcohol withdrawal can be dangerous only when you do it on your own with no medical supervision. Medical detoxification and withdrawal under medical guidance are absolutely safe and successful. Alcohol withdrawal treatment centers in Florida treat many an alcoholic successfully. Today, they live sober and successful lives. 

Medical detox coupled with regular therapy and life coaching, plus a strong support system, can do wonders for an alcoholic who wants to become sober.  Alcohol detox varies from person to person. It is based on medical history, the severity of alcoholism, and the presence of co-occurring physical and mental disorders. 

So, how do you contact a treatment center? One way is to call the addiction hotline. You can also call the hotline if you are not an addict, but know somebody who is and want to help them. 

It is never too late to drop an addiction. It is possible to quit anytime, at any age. For more information on alcohol treatment, visit

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