A Guide to Keeping Your Vehicle Safe and Undamaged

When it comes to looking after your vehicle, you should spare no expense. Finding your car or van damaged or broken into is something everyone wants to avoid! Your vehicle is an expensive personal item that you rely on for transport, after all. 

With it damaged or stolen, you may end up out of pocket or even unable to get to work. To avoid all of this, here is a quick guide on keeping your vehicle safe and undamaged. 

Improve the Locks 

One of the most crucial parts of keeping a vehicle protected is ensuring the locks are effective enough. If your locks are old or damaged, you should invest in new ones to ensure no one can break into your vehicle. 

For van owners, professionals like Van Secure install high-quality locks to ensure your van is as safe as possible when parked. They also identify your van’s weak points to ensure the utmost security. 

Park in the Garage

The best place to store a vehicle is inside a garage, which protects it from burglary, vandalism, and the weather. So, if you have a spacious enough garage, get into the habit of keeping it inside. If you don’t own a garage, you should at least use a car cover, especially when not using the vehicle for a prolonged period. 

Activate the Alarm

A vehicle alarm system is effective for deterring burglars, so make sure yours is activated at all times. Even if you’re heading into the shop for two minutes, you still need to protect your car. Some thieves can act quickly, after all, and taking off with your precious motor only takes a minute or two if they’re seasoned criminals with expert skills.

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Don’t Miss Maintenance Checks

While you might think your car is in proper working order, you should still head to the mechanic when necessary. Missing maintenance checks may mean damage goes unnoticed, leading to worse damage down the line. Avoid this by attending all scheduled car appointments. 

Hide Your Valuables

One of the biggest mistakes vehicle owners make is leaving their valuables in plain sight. If a potential car thief sees your phone, keys, wallet, or iPad inside the car, they are far more likely to target it! Reduce criminal temptation and avoid this potential problem by always hiding your valuables. Better yet, keep them on your person at all times. 

Plan Parking Before Heading Somewhere New

Have you ever driven to a new city, only to find there is nowhere to park? Eventually, you may find a corner where you can park your vehicle. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the safest place to park. Your car may end up stolen or damaged. 

To avoid that, try to plan parking before heading anywhere new. You can often find car parks online, and there are even apps for finding a parking spot

Clean it Regularly 

To keep your car clean, shiny, and healthy, clean it regularly. You can do it yourself, or you can go to a car wash. Don’t forget to clean the interior, too, as that area can quickly become cluttered and filthy! 

Finish your cleaning with a car wax, and the exterior will be better protected from damage.

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