9 mistakes when practicing six-pack abs that keep you from gaining abs

Another mistake is that you just think that just doing crunches will get you 6 packs, right? However, forget it because doing abdominal exercises in the old style (sit up), means lifting the entire back off the ground to Elbows touching the knees are completely outdated and can even be harmful to the hindquarters. Crunches that lift part of your back will be better for you.

4. Only train your lower abs

The rectus abdominis is a unified muscle group, so you don’t have to focus on training only that muscle group. In addition, hip exercises that make you think it has a lot of effect on the lower abdominal muscles also have no effect. not much.

5. Only exercise your abs once every few days

In fact, it doesn’t matter if you exercise every day, as long as you combine the exercises appropriately. If you only focus on one exercise, it will not be good and it will be difficult for you to achieve your goals. It’s best to choose about 2 to 3 abdominal muscle exercises to change.

6. The more intense and heavier the workout, the better

And that kind of practice can sometimes lead to hospitalization sooner, guys. When doing abdominal exercises, you should slow down to control your body movements. This is Mistakes when doing abdominal exercises not uncommon.
It's not necessary to exercise like a buffalo to gain muscle
Many people just practice fast and hard but it’s not very effective and they quickly lose strength. The speed of execution should be even, holding 2-3 breaths in one movement will help you use the muscles more effectively.

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7. You have to buy expensive equipment to practice effectively

So in the past, guys, if they didn’t have one, wouldn’t they have a six-pack body??. Equipment is just a tool to help you, it doesn’t matter whether it’s expensive or not, many exercises don’t require machines or any tools and you’ll still have six-pack abs as usual. However, if you can afford it, just use it, it’s okay 🙂

8. Doing crunches by crossing your arms is best

As mentioned above, practicing by placing your hands under your head or crossing them when doing crunches is the same, the difference is whether the execution speed is steady and controlled or not.

9. Foods that reduce belly fat

These foods to reduce belly fat are all advertising and gossip, guys. Food doesn’t have eyes to distinguish where it needs to lose weight.

Sour fruits help lose weight throughout the bodySour fruits help lose weight throughout the body
Sour fruits help lose weight throughout the body

There are types Food help to lose weight like dark-colored vegetables or sour fruits, however, it helps lose weight from the whole body, not the belly area. If you want to have a beautiful belly, eat healthy and have a reasonable diet. And you absolutely should not load your body with many fatty foods.

So do you understand how to practice effectively?

– Apply full-body exercises to burn excess fat around the body. Then focus on your abdomen.
– Whole body exercises such as jogging, cycling, swimming for about 30 minutes to 1 hour will help you burn fat around your body.

Jogging helps burn excess fat throughout the bodyJogging helps burn excess fat throughout the body
Jogging helps burn excess fat throughout the body

– Try to practice regularly during the above period of time, then the effect can be achieved.
– Plus, eat less starch (especially at night), after a few weeks of hard practice, you will reap the results that you sweat and cry for. At that time, your six-pack belly will appear clearer and more beautiful than ever :).

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You can check out the series of abdominal exercises here. Wish you success and don’t make mistakes Mistakes when doing abdominal exercises mentioned above too.

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