9 Houseplants That Look Like A Banana Tree To Bring Tropical Space

You love the cool feeling of tropical, especially on these hot summer days. You are reading the right post, in the article, we will share 9 Houseplants That Look Like A Banana Tree To Bring Tropical Space by producing some large foliage plants. Adding them to your home not only gives you have green space but also brings fresh and comfortable air.
9 Houseplants That Look Like A Banana Tree To Bring Tropical Space
Maybe you don’t know that the banana tree embodies a tropical paradise in any ordinary space, garden, backyard, or front yard. They come in various shapes and sizes to create your little oasis. That is the reason they are perfect choices for those who love being close to nature. Although they also belong to houseplant types, planting them indoors can be quite a tough task, so we’ve chosen the best plants to help you grow them in your limited space.

#1 Cigar Plant (Calathea lutea)

Image Credits: Carousell

Cigar Plant grows best in bright and indirect light.

#2 Auriculatum (Philodendron auriculatum)

Image Credits: Tokopedia

Auriculatum has large leaves. It prefers sunlight and moist soil.

#3 Sterling (Dieffenbachia ‘Sterling’)

Image Credits: Planterina

Sterling has eye-catching foliage and grows up to 14-20 inches or more in length.

#4 Giant Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia nicolai)

Image Credits: Patchplants

Giant Bird of Paradise has leaves that can measure up to 2-4 feet long and its plant also grows birdlike flowers.

#5 Abyssinian Banana (Ensete ventricosum)

Image Credits: Instagram

Abyssinian Banana has a red-maroon tint to the foliage. For the best color, the plant needs humidity and sunlight.

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#6 False Bird of Paradise (Heliconia rostrata)

Image Credits: Carousell

Heliconia rostrata grows up to 5-8 feet tall indoors. It comes in shades of yellow, green, and pink.

#7 Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia reginae)

Image Credits: Hadleycourt

Bird of Paradise has blades that each measure up to 1-3 feet long and is connected to a petiole stalk.

#8 Metallica Palm Tree (Chamaedorea metallica)

Image Credits: Living4media

Metallica Palm Tree grows well in dappled light.

#9 Banana Leaf Dieffenbachia (Dieffenbachia ‘Big Ben’)

Image Credits: Dreaminghouse

Dieffenbachias has big foliage. For the grow best, keep them in moist soil and give 4- 6 hours of sunlight.

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