9 Heat-loving Herbs For Sunny Gardens

Most vegetables and plants prefer to grow in two categories which are cool weather or warm weather. Cool-weather plants grow best on spring and fall days, warm-weather plants favor the heat and sunlight during the summer season and one of which is herbs. Herbs grow well pretty much anywhere, there are some of them do much better than others in hot climates. And here are 9 Heat-loving Herbs For Sunny Gardens to make a great addition to summer-inspired recipes and refreshing cocktails.
9 Heat-loving Herbs For Sunny Gardens
Mint, thyme, lemongrass, and more, are a few of the best heat-loving herbs to grow and enjoy when the dry season hits. So, if you have a beautiful spot for planter boxes, but it’s in full sun, or your garden got scorched by intense temperatures last summer, these herbs will work well without worrying about wilting due to dehydration and you can consider adding them to your garden this year.

#1 Mint

Source: 1840farm

This herb is easy to grow both in containers and gardens, it can actually become a little invasive if allowed to escape from its pot. It grows best in full sun or shade, and well-drained soil. For best results, keep moist soil and snip flowers for a longer productive season.

#2 Thyme

Source: Growagoodlife

Thyme is a low-growing herb that grows easily year-round. It thrives in dry and warmer weather. It loves the dry, so it grows happily in a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Cut back after the flowering period to encourage vigorous thick growth.

#3 Lemongrass

Source: Seasonwithspice

This tall herb is a great addition to cooling summer drinks like fruity iced teas. The soft, inner stem also is delicious in many dishes such as stir fries or curries. To grow it, provide it with sunny spots with moist soil.

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#4 Sage

Source: Miraclegro

Sage is such a beautiful plant. This herb comes back every year even in colder climates. Like basil, it prefers to grow in full sun and well-drained soil.

#5 Basil

Source: Gardenuity

Basil can tolerate heat well and need 6 to 8 hours of daily sunlight with well-watered on hot summer days. To keep it compact and productive, pruning or regular harvest.

#6 Chives

Source: Hearthandvine

Chives work hardy in pots and garden beds, it favors growing in full sun. To boost their productive life, remove flowers and don’t let them dry out.

#7 Lemon Balm

Source: Theoriginalgarden

Lemon balm is well-known as a fabulous tea and it also works well with salads or fruits. Keep in ming that, it is a heat-loving herb but also can survive in some mid-day shade.

#8 Oregano

Source: Bhg

Oregano has multiple varieties and almost is native to Greece. Like other culinary herbs from the Mediterranean, this heat-loving herb love growing in dry soil and full sun.

#9 Rosemary

Source: Dailyherald

Rosemary is considered an aromatic shrub and origins from the Mediterranean. It prefers to grow in drier summer weather, it doesn’t need much to grow into a healthy, delightful plant with gorgeous blue flowers to adore your garden. Also, it is a great addition to an ice-cold glass of fresh summer drink.

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