9 Familiar Herbs That You Can Grow In Fall

Growing herbs is a great way to keep up your supply of fresh herbs without having to spend tons of money buying outside. Most herbs are easy to grow and care for, so they can grow well in any season, including the fall. The cool days of this season are a perfect time for growing many vegetables and herbs. To enjoy a fresh and flavorful harvest for your family, here are 9 Familiar Herbs That You Can Grow In the Fall
9 Familiar Herbs That You Can Grow In Fall
When getting the right condition and care, the herbs will flourish, and even can be harvested year-round. They come back easily after cutting. Even if you just have a small garden or lack space, you can grow these herbs in containers/pots on a patio or balcony to give you organic herbs in a short time.

#1 Mint

Source: Plantophiles

Mint can grow all season of the year in mild climates and does well in the fall in most regions. This herb doesn’t grow in frost but will arrive again in spring.

#2 Rosemary

Source: Plantingtree

Rosemary is an evergreen herb that produces narrow, needle-like leaves and emits a pine-like smell. It can grow well year-round in warm climates while needing to be protected from freezing temps in cold regions.

#3 Sage

Source: Victoriananursery

Sage is an easy-to-grow seed that can start growing from seeds or cutting during spring to fall as long as it gets plenty of sunlight.

#4 Greek Oregano

Source: Nybg

Greek Oregano thrives every spring but also can be grown in fall. For the best growth and taste, you should harvest frequently.

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#5 Parsley

Source: Lovefood

This parsley herb serves you in both flat and curly leaf forms. If you live in a frost-free climate, you can grow it all season, but in colder regions, let’s protect it by bringing it indoors in winter.

#6 Lemon Balm

Source: Soiltosupper

Lemon Balm is suitable for planting in the fall, the herb can tolerate both full sun and partial shade.

#7 Cilantro

Source: Hortzone

Cilantro is annual and an easy-to-grow herb, the right time for planting this herb is spring and fall.

#8 Lavender

Source: Lavendergreen

If you want to grow Lavender in the fall, you should try growing this herb from 6 to 8 weeks before frost. To protect your plants on cold winter days, you can use mulch with a layer of straw in the late fall.

#9 Thyme

Source: Thekitchn

Thyme is a drought-tolerant perennial, this herb grows well in full sun in fall. You also can grow it in winter if you live in a frost-free zone.

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