9 Easy-to-grow Indoor Flowers for Beginners

To decorate your home, apart from modern furniture, plant and flower species are excellent options. The simple reason, they bring softness, flexibility, and freshness to any living space. If you are looking for attractive flowers to add a natural touch to your home, check out one of 9 Easy-to-grow Indoor Flowers for Beginners today. They not only display exuberant color to please your eyes, but they also bring a lot of benefits, from creativity booster, and stress reduction to air purification.
9 Easy-to-grow Indoor Flowers for Beginners
They can thrive for years with minimal care and attention while others shine only a few months before fading. They provide visual appeal while being easy enough for a beginner. So, if you don’t have planting experiences plant, or you are a newbie who knows little about flowers, even if you are always busy and don’t have time to care for your plants, this list you’ll find plants that are low care. Whatever the choice, they will bring green and fresh space into your home as well as are a great complement to decorating any of your interiors.

#1 Amaryllis

Source: Empressofdirt

This Amaryllis is a favorite holiday plant that displays large flowers lasting for two weeks or longer. The flowers come in shades of different colors such as red, pink, yellow, and white. During the blooming period, just regular watering, after blooms fade feeding the plant. Keep the pot in a cool, dry place.

#2 Kaffir Lily

Source: Florafinder

Also called Bush Lily, the Kaffir Lily requires just a little care but provides dense clusters of red flowers popping against evergreen leaves. Like the Amaryllis habitat, this flower also needs a rest period on fall and winter days to encourage blooming. It grows well in any condition as long as gets regular watering and monthly feeding during the growing season.

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#3 Peace Lily

Source: Healthohappiness

Peace Lily is a low-light plant and is famous for being the easiest flower to suit indoors thanks to its low-care properties. It grows well in indirect light and high humidity, even can survive when forgotten. It needs to feed once or twice a year during the blooming season. In addition, removing spent flowers and leaves that are yellow with age.

#4 Wax Flower

Source: Ugaoo

This Wax Flower is preferred by its lovely, sweet scent and beautiful blooms. It is a vining plant that can be trained to climb up a trellis or grown on a hanging basket for a stunning look. It needs watering frequently, moist soil, and misting leaves every day. Don’t forget to feed the plant once a month for happy growth.

#5 African Violet

Source: Bloomboxclub

Native to the coastal woods of Africa, the African Violet is one of the most popular indoor flowers. If get the right condition including light and humidity, it will thrive and reward you with pretty flowers. Give it regular watering and feed it a good quality fertilizer once a month.

#6 Flame Violet

Source: Diys

Flame Violet is an easy-care flowering plant and offers bright red to orange flowers, as the name suggests. During summer and fall, blooms appear beautifully. It requires moderate watering and feeds twice a month during the summer season. Besides, give it enough sunlight and humidity.

#7 Begonia

Source: Bloomingbackyard

Begonia is an easy houseplant that can tolerate low light and is rarely affected by pests or diseases. It provides beautiful flowers and gorgeous foliage to brighten up any room. It needs to water once the soil dries out and mist daily to keep it moist soil and feed regularly.

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#8 Lipstick Plant

Source: Plantdaddypodcast

Lipstick Plant is a vine that features uniquely shaped flowers making a bold statement in any home decor. If grown in filtered light, it will show you gorgeous flowers in no time. Misting daily and regular watering to keep moist soil, fertilizing once a month for growing optimally.

#9 Geranium

Source: Wikihow

This Geranium is an excellent option for beginners because they are easy to grow. The constant flowers bloom throughout the year if the plant gets proper care and enough light. This plant only needs to water when the soil appears dry and feeds twice a month during the growing season.

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