9 Classic Mistakes To Avoid When Working Out

Weight training or weight training is a simple sport, almost anyone can do it. However, not all bodybuilders find it effective in improving their physique. Here are 9 classic mistakes that you need to avoid when working out.

1. Eating the wrong way

One of Man’s biggest mistakes to avoid when working out is caused by eating the wrong way, so it is not effective in training. For bodybuilding, eating contributes 70% and being successful, so in order to have a standard body, in addition to practicing diligently and with the right method, you need to be equipped with basic knowledge of sports nutrition.

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Mistakes to avoid when working out

2. No exercise program

Weight training is simple, but you don’t have to do whatever you want or like to do. Many weightlifters do not know the schedule, split the schedule Working out muscle groups should lead to customized workouts. For example, training the upper body a lot, but neglecting the lower body or important groups of abdominal, lumbar or intercostal muscles. The lack of a clear training program easily causes weightlifters to lose weight. In contrast, muscle groups develop unevenly.

3. I don’t know my strength

Weight training is usually done in a gradual “crossover” cycle, where you start off at light to heavy weights to let your muscles get used to it. When you reach a peak, you will add a small amount of weight and try to establish a new threshold for muscle growth.

However, there are some people who are impatient or eager to show off that they often install too heavy weights and exercise too much, which can easily lead to foot injuries, muscle and ligament pain. Consequences of muscle and ligament injuries, if not treated in time, leave many harmful sequelae and can cause you to stop weight training permanently.

Don't see other people doing heavy exercises and then I imitate them
Don’t see other people doing heavy exercises and then I imitate them

4. Staying up too late

After a workout, muscles need to be replenished and then rested to recover and grow. To rest your muscles is nothing more than that you must have a long and deep sleep, so staying up at night will make you tired and your muscles will not have enough time to recover. Training will be very limited.

5. Impatience

To have a relatively beautiful body, people take at least 1 year. To see the effect of fat loss or weight gain, it takes 3-4 months to achieve. There is no miracle to help you become strong, bust, and waist in just 1-2 months. So decided to step into the gym room then you must always determine that this is a long-term, persistent training process.

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6. Skip the leg exercise

Legs are the foundation of the body and are also the largest and strongest muscle group, but many people skip leg exercises just because leg training is very tiring and difficult. Skipping leg exercises is classified as the most classic mistake in Fitness Centers. If you do not want to own a chili body, you should never skip exercising your legs, at least once a week. And you also always remember that strong legs and round buttocks will make you extremely sexy whether male or female.

Squats are both difficult and exhausting exercises, but don't ignore them because the butt and legs are the most important muscle part of the body.
Squats are both difficult and exhausting exercises, but don’t ignore them because the butt and legs are the most important muscle part of the body.

7. Bring your phone with you during practice

Went to weightlifting, it’s best to leave your phone at home. Your workout time at the gym is only 2 hours at most, so just leave your phone at home or bring it with you, put it in your bag, turn off the alarm and focus on training. Having done weight training but using the phone to surf the web, go to social networks or play games, the results are nowhere.

8. Rest too long between sets

The average time to rest between sets is 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes and then you return to the next set. Many people enter the weight room because they are eager to talk, watch their phone or just like to draw other people, so the rest time between sets lasts up to 4-5 minutes. Resting too long in between sets reduces the quality of your training session a lot. Rest time between training sessions should not exceed 48 hours, which means you should not take more than 2 days off from practice. The average rest time of a muscle group is 72 hours, which means that if you want to train your arms on Monday, you should make an appointment on Thursday. Don’t be too hasty when Monday does arm training and Wednesday again.

9. Abuse of drugs and food supplements

Whey Protein should only be used to supplement, not other muscle gainers such as Synthol or Steroid
Whey Protein should only be used to supplement, not other muscle gainers such as Synthol or Steroid

In bodybuilding, there are many drugs and supplements to increase training efficiency. However, drugs or functional foods can never replace natural foods, so don’t be foolish to drink a lot of things to hear this person advertise as “Outstanding”.

The ideal functional food supplement is still whey protein and amino acid tablets are products extracted from cow’s milk. Do not touch steroid drugs or drugs containing hormones because the consequences are unpredictable.

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