9 Best Indoor Plants That You Can Propagate So Easily

To expand your favorite plant collection without spending any cost, a propagating method is one of the best ways. The simple reason, propagating is an easy and cost-effective way to do so. So, what plants you have had and can be propagated? To know what they are, check out our list below.
9 Best Indoor Plants That You Can Propagate So Easily
Here are 9 of the best indoor plants that are easy to propagate, meaning you can turn one plant into many and fill your home with lush greenery. While some of the propagation techniques demand a certain amount of experience and knowledge, others are a piece of cake even for beginners and black thumbs. And in the post, we will focus on indoor plants that are very easy to multiply to help you be successful. So read on to discover the best indoor plants for propagation and get ready to green up your living space.

#1 Aloe Vera

Source: happysprout

Aloe Vera is one of the best easy-to-propagate plants because this plant tends to put out new pups. You can use the new pups and propagate them into whole new aloe plants.

How to propagate: Separate new pups from the healthy aloe plant, and let the pups scab over for a day or two. Choose a good potting mix and then grow them in the pot.

#2 Spider Plants

Source: bybrittanygoldwyn

Spider Plants are so easy to grow, if getting the right condition, they put out miniature versions of themselves called spiderettes. Even better, you don’t need to remove them from the mother plant to propagate them. You can easily propagate by tucking the tiny spiderette into the soil, the roots will be formed and grow right there with the parent plant. Besides, it also can be snipped off the parent plant and rooted in water or soil.

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#3 Pothos

Source: pottedpixie

Pothos are easy to propagate, they do best when rooted in water, although can be propagated in soil too.

How to propagate: Take a stem cutting right below a leaf node. Leaf nodes are where the leaf meets the stem. Make sure that your stem cutting is at least 4″ long and remove the lower leaves from your cutting before placing it in water. The new roots will appear in a few weeks and then be ready for planting.

#4 Succulents

Source: realsimple

When it comes to easy-to-propagate plants, succulents are one of the best candidates. They can put out new roots and a new plant by only laying a piece of your chosen succulent on top of the soil.

#5 Snake Plants

Source: plantscraze

Snake Plants are a great choice if you want to spread your collection. They propagate easily all by themselves thanks to their pups. The pups are tiny little snake plants that grow at the base of the parent plant.

How to propagate: Cut pups off of the main plant ( without worrying about disturbing the parent plant). Rinse the soil off of the pup, and let it scab over for a day or two. And then, plant them in a quality potting mix.

Also, you can propagate from the leaves of snake plants. Simply, take one of the long leaves and cut it into smaller sections. Put them in water or soil, new plants will be grown after a few weeks.

#6 ZZ Plant

Source: pottedpixie

How to propagate: Take a stem cutting and place it in water in a sunny spot. After 3-4 weeks, the stem grows a new bulbous rhizome at its base and starts putting out roots. When the roots are over an inch long, move the baby ZZ plant to a well-draining potting mix.

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#7 African Violets

Source: reddit

To enjoy more the stunning flowers of African Violets, you can propagate the plant easily, although the process does take some time. Propagate through leaf cuttings and you will have new plants.

How to propagate: Prepare single leaf cutting from a healthy parent plant. Ensure that you cut the leaf at a 45-degree angle. Place the cutting in moist potting soil in moist and humid conditions. New, teeny-tiny leaves will pop up out of the soil after a few weeks. Once the young plant gets between 4-6 new leaves, means it is ready to be moved to the soil.

#8 Tradescantia or Inch Plant

Source: houseplantcentral

Tradescantia or Inch Plants are some of the easiest plants to propagate. It is easier when you’ve got a large bushy plant, it’s most likely already propagating itself right in the pot. They can be propagated easily from the leaf nodes which grow on the stem. If they make contact with the dirt, they will happily start producing more roots and eventually a larger plant.

Or you also can propagate it in water. Cut several stems, making sure you have at least 2-3 of the jointed nodes on each cutting. Once you’ve seen the young roots appear, transplant them in potting soil or plant the stems directly in potting soil.

#9 Christmas Cactus

Source: ruralsprout

Christmas Cactus belongs to the succulent family, they are easy to propagate. A few segments from the parent plant are all you need to get started. Each segment joins with the next where the plant’s reproductive cells lay.

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How to propagate: Take several cuttings, and make sure you have at least 3-4 segments on each cutting. Place the cuttings in the soil to cover one to two joints on the segment. Mist the plant regularly and keep it moist. Then you’ll have a healthy new plant after a few weeks.

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