9 Best Herbs to Grow In Glass Mason Jars

If you want to grow your favorite herbs in a special way, you are in the right place. Here are 9 Best Herbs to Grow In Glass Mason Jars that you will fall in love with. All herbs are easy to grow and just minimal care. That is the reason why they can be grown in many ways. And growing in mason jars is one of the great ways that not only give you always have fresh herbs but is also perfect for decorating the house.
9 Best Herbs to Grow In Glass Mason Jars
Instead of growing your herbs in normal pots, it’s time to replace them with empty mason jars. They are humble mason jars but are so incredibly versatile planters. Growing these herbs in the planter will help to free your space in the garden and you will grow more different types of herbs. So, when your mason jars are unused, don’t toss them in the trash, let’s try growing some herbs!

#1 Thyme

Source: Tigershakti

This herb does well anywhere as long as it gets plenty of part sun. It can grow around 5-12 inches, and once it grows 5-6 inches high, you can harvest it.

#2 Mint

Source: Cocoandseed

No need for gardens or containers, this mint can grow well in small spaces of glass mason jars or wine bottles.

#3 Basil

Source: Pepperinfo

Basil can grow in big mason jars as long as it is received the moist growing medium and is protected from the harsh afternoon sun. You also can grow it in water easily!

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#4 Parsley

Source: Happysprout

Parsley grows well in mason jars and when it gets 4-6 inches in length, it’s also time to harvest with the first young and tender leaves!

#5 Sage

Source: Diyinspired

Thanks to the shallow roots, sage can grow well in a mason jar. Its leaves with a peppery flavor are a great addition to many dishes.

#6 Marjoram

Source: Thespruce

With the shallow roots, the marjoram herb is suitable for growing in jars. Give it a sunny spot that gets 5 -6 hours of bright direct sunlight per day.

#7 Cilantro

Source: Joyfulhomemaking

Cilantro is an aromatic herb with a fresh citrusy flavor. The herb can reach 2 feet tall but also grows well in the small spaces of mason jars. You can start growing it from the seeds or cutting.

#8 Oregano

Source: Eighteen25

Oregano can be grown easily in mason jars as long as placed in spots that get 3-4 hours of direct sun.

#9 Chives

Source: Pinterest

This herb is a low-maintenance perennial that can do well in mason jars. Also, for the best flavor, let’s give the pot a sunny location like a windowsill.

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