9 Best Arugula Companion Plants For a High Yield

Arugula, also known as rocket, is a member of the cabbage family. This leafy green vegetable is commonly used in salads and mesclun mixes. It is rich in vitamins A and C, as well as iron, calcium, and antioxidants. This vegetable grows quickly in the spring, bolts in the summer, and self-propagate for a fall harvest. There are several garden pests that can infest your arugula. If you would like to start growing this wonderfully healthy vegetable in your garden, you should read our article to protect your vegetable.
9 Best Arugula Companion Plants For a High Yield
To grow your garden rocket effectively, adding these companion plants to your arugula is needed. They will help deter pests, prevent disease, and increase yields for a healthy garden and a bountiful harvest. Growing arugula with the right vegetables and plants will keep bad bugs away, and improve their health, taste, and yield. Also, growing plants together intelligently saves the most space and helps to achieve optimum growth, health, and viability. Check them out with us!

#1 Herbs

Source: Thompson-morgan

Herbs are excellent herbs for arugula plants to keep your veggies from pests like cabbage whites. You can grow thyme, rosemary, mint, chives, dill, and chamomile with arugula to attract bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects.

#2 Beans

Source: Thespruce

Grow beans near the arugula plant will benefit by receiving extra nitrogen. Also, beans are often grown as climbing plants and can provide shade for arugula during hot weather, helping to keep the soil moist and cool.

#3 Cucumber

Source: Harvesttotable

Like beans, the leaves of the cucumber spread so that offer shade on hot summer days as well as prevent arugula from bolting.

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#4 Spinach

Source: Garden.lovetoknow

Growing spinach and arugula together can be a mutually beneficial relationship. Spinach provides shade to arugula, helping it to thrive in warm weather, while arugula can help to deter pests that would otherwise attack spinach.

#5 Onion

Source: Reformationacres

Onion can grow well with arugula. The strong pungent smell of onion will protect the arugula from cabbage whites.

#6 Celery

Source: Mtseedbank

Celery can provide shade to arugula, helping it to thrive in warm weather, while arugula can help to deter pests that would otherwise attack celery. Also, celery is also a perfect companion plant for arugula as both do best in moist soil.

#7 Garlic

Source: Gardenerspath

Like onions, garlic emits a strong and pungent fragrance, this will help in keeping cabbage whites away from laying eggs on arugula.

#8 Beetroot

Source: Lettucegrowsomething

Beetroots do well growing with arugula, as they provide lots of shade to your arugula plants in cool conditions for more productivity.

#9 Lettuce

Source: Bustlingnest

Growing a mix of lettuce and arugula can add diversity to your garden and provide a range of flavors, textures, and nutrients.

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