9 Awesome Reasons When Using Tea Leaves In The Garden

After enjoying a hot cup of tea, most of you will throw the tea leaves away, right? Don’t do that! Saving them and there are a lot of benefits that they can be boon in your garden. And here is the collection of 9 Amazing Used Tea Leaves Uses in the Garden when used the right way. A healthy garden with useful tea leaves is waiting for you, let’s spend your time browsing them.
9 Awesome Reasons When Using Tea Leaves In The Garden
Eliminates weed, best soil conditioner, promotes oxygenation, and more, these are a wide range of uses when you apply the tea leaves for your garden. Best of all, you don’t have to pay any amount of money to buy but use them free at all times. So, instead of putting them in the trash, bring them to your garden.

#1 Organic Fertilizer

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Tea Leaves are great when used for organic fertilizer. To do this, boiling tea leaves, strain and rinse the tea leaves. After that spread them on tissue paper to dry, you can use them directly in the garden by spreading them on the topsoil of the plants.

#2 Help Rose Grows Well

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Tea leaves can help your roses to be big and vivid. Simply, sprinkle used tea leaves around the base of the plant to give it a needed boost.

#3 Eliminates Weed

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To control weed in your garden, you can use tea leaves by adding a thick layer of tea leaves over the weeds will suppress their growth.

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#4 Foliar Spray

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To help the foliage of your plants take all the nutrients easily, you can steep 2-4 cups of used tea leaves in a liter of water, and then strain, add the solution in a spray bottle and use it on plants.

#5 Best Soil Conditioner

Image Credits: The Spruce

When adding the loose tea leaves to the pot, it swells the soil, which makes it soft and conditioned. It leads to improve the structure of the growing medium, increases drainage as well as helps with healthy aeration.

#6 Add in Compost

Image Credits: The Conversation

Tea leaves are high in nitrogen, they also attract good bacteria and helps to speed up the composting process.

#7 Promotes Oxygenation

Image Credits: Balcony Garden Web

Adding tea leaves around your plants and mix them with topsoil will help to promote cellular health in plants.

#8 Add to the Bottom of the Pots

Image Credits: Bob Vila

Add tea leaves to the bottom of the pots to help to cover the drainage holes of the container and allow the excess water to drain while saving the soil from flushing out.

#9 For Acid Loving Plants

Image Credits: Gardener’s Path

Spread used tea leaves near the base of acid-loving plants like tomatoes that promote plant growth.

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