8 Succulents That You Can Eat

Have you ever thought that succulents can be eaten? Check out 8 edible succulents below you will see that there are some grown popular in the garden or easy to find somewhere. Succulents are famous for their easy-to-grow and low-maintenance properties, but these varieties can also be consumed as food with amazing health benefits.
8 Succulents That You Can Eat
Most people grow succulents as houseplants for decorative purposes. In fact, you grow them to adore your home and garden, and you also use them to make your daily meal variety. Growing them with a little care but you will have free vegetables and fruits with unique flavors and tastes, especially you will get a source of high nutrients. From eating raw, grilled, and juiced, to mashed, they will pair well!

#1 Dragon Fruit

Source: Sowexotic

Dragon Fruit is a member of the succulent family that you can eat. The taste is great when eating raw or adding it to smoothies. The night-blooming is so stunning to look at and spreads a fruity fragrance. The plant prefers to grow in warm temperatures.

#2 Purslane

Source: Gobotany.nativeplanttrust

Purslane belongs to the succulent family and is a low-growing plant. Thanks to the invasive spreading habit, making it is considered a weed. It can be consumed as a vegetable that is packed with omega-3-fatty acids. Stems and leaves are edible with a slightly sour taste. You can toss it in salads or cook it.

#3 Aloe

Source: Passeportsante

Aloe Vera is the most popular edible succulent for its uses in the cosmetic industry and health benefits. It contains lots of antioxidants and Vitamin C. Grow it in a warm with well drainage soil.

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#4 Prickly Pear Cactus

Source: Gardenerspath

Prickly Pear Cactus produce juicy-edible fruits and also is grown for decorative landscaping purposes. It shows off whimsical pads along with bright, showy flowers.

#5 Saguaro Cactus

Source: Nps.gov

This Saguaro Cactus not only offers beautiful nocturnal white blossoms but also provides edible and sweet red spiny fruits.

#6 Salicornia

Source: Naijasuperfans

Salicornia is a marsh-loving succulent found on sandy beaches. The edible seeds and young stems have great taste when eaten raw or stir-fried.

#7 Barrel Cactus

Source: Thomsonslandscaping

Barrel Cactus produces edible fruits that taste tart and can be eaten raw or cooked. You can grind them up and toss them into your smoothie. It is preferred to grow indoors like a houseplant, placing the pot near a south or west-facing window for happy growth.

#8 Sedum

Source: Sunset

Sedum is a low-maintenance succulent that thrives even in neglect. There are many sedum species, and all are edible, but the yellow flowering sedums must not be eaten raw without cooking. Be aware that consuming sedum in large quantities may cause stomach upset, eating it in moderation.

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