8 Houseplants You Can Propagate From Cuttings

Love growing houseplants to give your interior a touch of green for your living space and you are looking for ways to expand your collection. You are in the right place, even when you are a beginner. Applying the propagating method from cuttings! Don’t need to buy them outside, which means you also save a lot of money because you can get them free from the mother plants. Growing plants by cuttings will only take a few weeks and this method is relatively simple and easy to do, as long as you follow a few steps.
8 Houseplants You Can Propagate From Cuttings
Instead of growing plants from the seeds, which is a long process, the method is preferred by many gardeners to grow new plants from cuttings. So, if you are ready to grow your houseplants from cuttings, here is a list of plants you can start from cuttings. Just follow the directions, and you will have more young plants to add to your collection house garden.

#1 Geranium

Source: Gardenerspath

To regrow geranium, place its cuttings in a jar of water. Take cuttings about 6 inches long and make sure all the leaves of the plant are above the waterline.

#2 Chinese Evergreen

Source: Carousell

When you see these plants becoming leggy, take tip cuttings and pot them in moist and sand potting mix. Don’t forget to mist the leaves just to keep them hydrated until new roots can supply water.

#3 Dumb Cane

Source: Gardenforindoor

Cut off leafy heads and set them aside for a day or two then pot up in individual containers and place them at a warm temperature with good light. Cut off the remaining bare canes 2 inches above the soil line and divide the canes into 3 sections, keep them in rooting trays containing peat and compost.

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#4 Begonia

Source: Hgtv

Take begonia cutting of 1 inch long and press it gently into the moistened potting mix. Place the cutting in a warm, humid, and well-lit spot out of direct sunlight until roots begin to form.

#5 Philodendrons

Source: Houseplantcentral

Philodendrons are of different varieties, but the best part is all of them are easy to grow from cuttings. Best Tip cuttings with 2-3 nodes are the easiest to root because they start growing from this tip as soon as the roots form.

#6 Fragrant Corn Plant

Source: Kiyanti2008

Propagation is similar to dumb cane and philodendron plants, tip cuttings, and mid-section cuttings can be grown into new plants easily.

#7 Jade Plant

Source: Petalrepublic

Take a branch of a jade plant that is about 3-4 inches long and allow them to dry. Once it is dried, plant it in potting mixture and keep it damped until it takes root.

#8 African Violets

Source: Reddit

To propagate the African Violets, choose a healthy plant and cut off its healthy leaves with 2-3 inches of leafy stalk. Poke a hole with a chopstick at a 70-degree angle, then insert the stalk leaf into the tray of moist compost and sand. Make sure to keep the tray moist and warm and in a brightly lit area.

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