8 Haircuts That Are Perfect for Short Hair

Here are some haircuts that are perfect for short hair-they are easy to style and maintain and will have you looking your best.

Short haircuts for women are a great way to look stylish and chic without spending too much time on your hair. Even better, you can pick among the many variations of short hairstyles you can definitely find one that suits you.

1. The Bob

The bob has been a classic go-to for pretty much anytime a woman wants to cut her hair short. It’s flattering and easy to maintain, but it does depend on the details.

A blunt bob that is shoulder length will give you more of an old-fashioned vibe than anything else. The trick with the bob is in the angles and layering usually using hair scissors for thinning volumes or bulk.

Ask your stylist to blend layers into the bob so that it’s not all one length. Add in some soft, wispy pieces around your face to soften the angles and create more volume.

2. The Lob

The long bob, or lob, has also become a classic for good reason. It’s another one that is flattering and easy to maintain, which is why so many celebrities have adopted this style for themselves.

The lob is essentially slightly longer than a shoulder-length bob. This haircut would usually fall somewhere between your chin and collarbone in length. Three-quarter bobs are also variations of this cut, but they’re stacked up higher on the back of the head, so they appear shorter than shoulder length.

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3. The Pixie Cut

This style can be quite polarizing for audiences, with some loving it and others not so much. However you feel about it, there is no denying that Twiggy looked amazing with her pixie cut!

If you want short hair but aren’t sure if you can commit to a shaved head, the pixie cut is for you. This style works best on hair that is fine in texture.

Ask your stylist to add layers so that your head isn’t one big block of short hair. That’s a dead giveaway that this was a last-minute haircut!

4. The Undercut

This hairstyle has been gaining popularity over the past few years, and it’s easy to see why! Fancy models like Gigi Hadid once sported sporting undercuts with bobs of all lengths and long hair.

It looks especially edgy when paired with choppy blunt bangs or cropped fringe, which is probably what had made the style gain such wide acceptance among celebrities and catwalks alike. The reason why is that it’s a surprisingly versatile way to spice up an otherwise simple pixie cut.

The under-undercut works best on thick hair, but fine or thin hair textures can also work if they’re paired with the right styling product and tools. Ask your stylist for a high fade (where the hair gets gradually shorter as you move down the head), and make sure they use shears instead of scissors when cutting layers in your ‘do. You want this style to appear effortless and even, rather than like it was hacked off with kitchen utensils!

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5. The Slicked-Back Undercut

This variation on both haircuts takes advantage of how popular slicked-back styles have been in recent years. Just like the regular undercut, it works best on thick hair.

It’s also a great option for those who have been reluctant to cut their long locks because they love the way it falls around their face when worn down. The slicked-back undercut gives you a similar feel without requiring a ton of product and upkeep.

6. The Asymmetrical Bob

Asymmetrical haircuts are designed to stand out from other bob styles because they do not feature even lengths everywhere. They’re usually longer in one spot than another, which can be done on purpose or by accident (a result of uneven snipping).

When asymmetry is deliberate, it creates an unbalanced look that requires some styling creativity to pull off successfully. If you want something “different” but aren’t quite ready to go for an edgy pixie, try the asymmetrical bob.

7. The Long Layers

This haircut is designed with extra layering around your face so that it appears very tousled and textured. It’s full of volume at the roots, which makes it all the better for those who have what they would consider “flat” hair.

If you’re hoping to trade in your straightener for a curling iron (or vice versa), this style is especially for you! Just make sure you use lots of volumizing products on damp hair before styling. That way, it won’t fall flat once it dries.

8. The Wavy Bob

If you want something more flattering than curls on your short bob haircut, consider going with a wavy hairstyle instead. Hair that has been waved is a little more high-maintenance than a straight cut, but it’s still pretty simple to style.

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Unlike some types of waves, this one doesn’t require any styling products since the curls are only created by cutting your hair in certain ways.

There are plenty of ways to spice up shorter haircuts. Trying out new hairstyles is just a matter of knowing how to work with your hair and what style would suit you best. We’ve given you eight hot styles that will have you looking amazing in no time!

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