8 Green Vegetables Can Grow Well In a Pot Through The Winter

When winter comes, it is a time of cold wind and frost. Most people avoid sowing their seed in this period because they think it isn’t a suitable season for crops. However, there are some great vegetables that can grow well in this cold temperature to give gardeners fresh garden produce. And the article we’ve listed 8 Green Vegetables Can Grow Well In a Pot Through The Winter.

8 Green Vegetables Can Grow Well In a Pot Through The Winter
In fact, winter gardeners will have their own happiness such as do not have to fight summer bugs or plant diseases. What’s more, winter greens are great vegetables that will continue to supply fresh foods with better taste than other seasons. Less light and low temperature are the main difficulties in planting green leaves in winter. For this case, you can grow them in pots and place them indoors on a south-facing windowsill for the best of their growth. Learn about them with us!

#1 Sorrel

Source: Thespruce

Sorrel is a hardy plant that requires little care apart from watering and weeding. It prefers cool weather and grows like a weed.

#2 Agretti

Source: Makergardener

Agretti grows well in salty soils and looks like chives. It has a salty and bitter taste that is most often used fresh in salads with garlic and olive oil.

#3 Mizuna

Source: Podgardening

Mizuna can grow well on cold winter days. You can grow it on a window sill, in trays to use as micro-greens to have green leaves for salads or salad mixes such as mesclun.

#4 Fennel

Source: Carousell

Fennel is grown for its sweet and tender leaves or greens, its fresh leaves are great vegetables for many delicious dishes like salads, coleslaw, and dressings.

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#5 Land Cress

Source: Groww

Land Cress is a green leafy that contains a great source of many vitamins and minerals. It is quite easy to grow with basic care.

#6 Salad Burnet

Source: Harvesttotable

Salad Burnet is easy to grow and makes a useful addition to the herb garden or perennial bed, or on the windowsill.

#7 Pea Greens

Source: Outofmyshed

Pea Greens are easy to grow and can be resistant to cold weather to offer their shoots and tendrils.

#8 Mache

Source: Sustainablegardeningnews

Mache does well in cool temperatures. It is a tender salad green.

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