8 Best Beautiful Purple Vine Houseplants

Looking for something to bring an elegant and magical feel indoors, you are in the right place. In the article today, we are so glad to introduce the 8 Best Beautiful Purple Vine Houseplants to jazz up your living space. When it comes to colors, there are many beautiful colors around us, each has its own beauty and meaning, and purple color is too! This attractive color is symbolic of luxury, royalty, and elegance, so planting a few of these purple flowers is a great way to jazz up the beautiful interior of your home. Are you ready to check their beauty with us?
8 Best Beautiful Purple Vine Houseplants
These plants do not have a deep purple color and some may have a very slight purple tint to the foliage but have a warm texture to melt any heart. Not just that, these vine houseplants are best for small spaces and look great on plant stands. So, if you want your home to spruce up, they promise to keep you satisfied. It’s time to spend space in your home on these beautiful trailing purple plants.

#1. Ruby’s Necklace

Image source: Succulentsbox

The Ruby’s Necklace produces bean-like, long, narrow green to purple and burgundy leaves on purple stems. For the best color leaves, place them in bright light.

#2. Wandering Jew

Image source: Growyouryard

Wandering Jew is easy to grow and shows off beautiful leaves that the green on the upside and purple on the underside.

#3. Sweet Caroline Purple

Image source: Jparkers

Sweet Caroline Purple has colorful leaves and you can grow the plant in containers and baskets.

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#4. Purple Shamrock

Image source: Logees

This plant has pinwheel leaves with purple starry blooms that look amazing in white planters.

#5. String of Hearts

Image source: Etsy

The string of Hearts is one of the easiest to grow succulent and it has heart-shaped leaves on its thin vines.

#6. Rex Begonia Vine

Image source: Greg

Rex Begonia Vine has prominent silver-white on the leaves and deep red stems and purple-hued foliage.

#7. Purple Heart

Image source: Indoorgardenook

Purple Heart offers deep purple leaves lance-shaped and has a very fine layer of pale hair.

#8. Royal Queen

Image source: Qing.sg

Royal Queen has deep red-purple foliage color, which looks stunning in the pot for the corner of the house.

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