8 Benefits Of Chicken With Garden

If you are looking for a devoted helper in your backyard garden, the humble chickens are such great workers. They not only give you a fresh egg supply but also there are several uses in the garden. In this article, we will share 8 Benefits Of Chicken With Garden. Plus, they reproduce themselves, unlike any man-made tool. It’s time to discover!
8 Benefits Of Chicken With Garden
Providing nitrogen for your compost pile, replacing machine tillers, fertilizing your garden, turning compost, spreading mulch, disposing of your garbage, controlling pests, and sanitizing your orchard are great missions when you put chickens to work. These useful uses of chickens in the garden can help you in a lot of ways to maintain your yard and we have included the best ones. Keep reading!

#1 Mulching Spreaders

Source: Hobbyfarms

If you have an organic mulch that needs to spread, chickens are great helpers and do quicker than you think. Simply, pile up the material in the desired location and keep your chickens around it.

#2 Clean Up Garden

Source: Grocycle

Chicken can clean up your garden by eating up any plant or vegetable scraps left over at the end of the harvest season to help your work burden in the process.

#3 Repel Weeding Without Using Chemicals

Source: Silverlakefarms

Chickens will pluck off the weeds and their seeds that you don’t need to use risk-free weedicide ever.

#4 Get Rid Of Pests And Harmful Insects

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Chickens love eating pests and harmful insects in the garden to help your harvest safe.

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#5 Dispose Waste Effectively

Source: Cluckin

Chicken are omnivores so they do a stellar job at waste disposal by eating all kinds of leftovers instead of tossing them into your garden. Also, adding chicken manure to the garden soil will boost up the growth and health of your plants.

#6 Help Soil Aeration

Source: Farmersalmanac

Chicken can help a well-tilled garden bed that has just enough aeration to nourish your saplings. You just sprinkle some chicken feed over the chosen location, they will scratch, peck, and tug will eventually disintegrate the soil clumps, and allow proper mixing of the topsoil layer with mulch.

#7 As Lawn-Mowers

Source: Thehappychickencoop

Chicken can chew away at lawn all day that makes them become a natural at lawn mowing method. You can let them loose on a messy lawn, only to find it all tidied up in a day or two, then you just trim a little for a nice finish.

#8 Composting

Source: Communitychickens

Compost turning is a time-consuming task but chickens can help disintegrate your compost quicker.

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