7 Tips on Buying Sandals Online for Women

The pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things. That includes the way we shop. In fact, surveys show that most people will continue to shop online even when the pandemic ends. 

Online shopping has increased in most industries, including fashion and accessories. Even buying sandals online has become more mainstream, as compared to times when people only bought shoes if they could try them on. 

There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking at options for sandals online. You want to avoid ordering something that doesn’t fit or isn’t what you wanted. 

Buying shoes online doesn’t have to be scary. Use the following tips to help you choose a pair of sandals that looks great and feels great. 

1. Know Your Size

When you shop in the store, it’s not as vital to know your exact shoe size because you can try the shoes on to find the right fit. That’s not the case when you buy from an online sandal store. 

It’s important to know your precise size, but you should also be aware of factors like width. Perhaps you have a wide foot or a narrow foot. This will affect your sandal choices.

You can have your feet properly sized at any shoe store or by using an online video at home. Use that information when you order sandals online to get the right fit. 

2. Look at the Pictures

When you order anything online, you want to know that you’re getting what you expect. That means taking more than just a cursory glance at the photo of the sandals. 

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Zoom in on the image and get a look at the details. If you can, look at the shoes from a variety of angles. This will tell you more about what they look like than just the image that appears first. 

You might also try to get a peek at what the sandals look like on a model so you have a better idea of what they’ll look like when you wear them. 

3. Read the Description

Many people spend more time comparing sandal prices and looking at the pictures than they do reading the description. But that’s a sure-fire way to end up with something you aren’t expecting. 

The photo will tell you a lot about the sandals but read about them as well. This will tell you more about the materials the shoes are made from, how much they weigh, and whether they offer arch support, etc. 

4. Buy From Known Brands

When there’s no option for trying on sandals, it’s a good idea to stick to well-known brands. It’s an especially good idea to buy sandals from brands you’ve worn before. 

That way you already have a good idea of how they’ll fit and whether they will give what you’re looking for. You can often buy from the company directly on their website. 

Another option is to choose brands you’re familiar with from online shoe retailers that offer a wide variety of choices. 

5. Start with One Pair

It can be tempting to stock up on shoes and sandals if you find several that you like. However, it’s better to start with just one pair if you’re new to online shopping. 

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That way you get the chance to evaluate the experience and be sure that the shoes that you order fit you the right way. 

Once you’ve received them and tried them on, you can order additional pairs. Starting with just one pair can save you quite a bit of money if you end up having to make returns. 

6. Understand the Return Policy

Anytime you shop online, it’s important to understand what to do if you need to return the product. The same goes for buying sandals online. 

Before you buy a pair of shoes, be sure that you can return them if they don’t fit. Some online retailers don’t allow returns, but you can use store credit to try a different pair. 

Some retailers don’t offer returns and all sales are final. Be sure you know what to expect before you purchase so that you aren’t stuck with a pair of shoes that don’t work for you. 

7. Read Reviews

One of the best ways to decide if you want to buy is to read the reviews for sandals. You are likely not the only person shopping for shoes online and these can be quite helpful. 

The reviews tell you how other customers liked the sandals and what barriers they encountered when buying them. You’ll find out if the shoes run small or large, whether they’re comfortable, and if they’re worth the cost. 

You can also find out more about the return policy and the customer service offered by the shoe retailer. Bad reviews tell you to look elsewhere, while good reviews tell you that you’re on the right track. 

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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Sandals Online

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid when buying sandals online is choosing the wrong site. It can be tempting to buy shoes from obscure retailers that offer rock bottom prices. 

However, you may be getting knock offs and often the product that arrives doesn’t match the one you saw online. 

Impulse purchases are something else to avoid. Sure, the sandals may look wonderful, but doing your research before making a choice is vital. 

Failing to consider practicality is another mistake to keep in mind. When you can’t try the shoes on, you won’t have an immediate sense of how they feel.

Evaluate the height of the heel, the width, and the materials. Consider how comfortable the shoe will be for extended wear or for the purpose you’re considering. 

Going with the cheapest shoe available isn’t a good idea either. Consider quality when you buy sandals online so you get something that is comfortable and safe for your feet, but that also lasts for many years. 

The Takeaway

The pandemic has turned shopping into an entirely new experience. If you’re considering buying sandals online, make sure you’re prepared with your shoe size first. 

Spend some time researching the sandals on your list. Learn about their return policy, what materials they are constructed from, their brand name, and what others are saying about them so you can make the right choice. 

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