7 Things to Know Before Buying Sony 55-Inch TV

The first television hardware brand from the Japanese conglomerate Sony Corporation was Trinitron (1968-2008). Later, the company switched to the Bravia TV brand (2008-present). Trinitron’s line of products mainly used aperture-grille-based CRTs in their Television and Computers. The backronym for the hugely popular Bravia is “Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture” and it is famous for its high-definition quality televisions. 

Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the essential factors that you need to consider while purchasing the Sony 55-inch TVs:

Sony 55-inch TV Buying Guide: Motion Feature

Many low-price TVs suffer from mainly two motion problems blur and judder. To avoid such issues, Smart TVs must have at least 60Hz (console game) content, 24Hz (Blu-rays, UHD Blu-rays) and 50Hz (broadcast) content. 

With other brands, you might notice that fast-moving objects look blurred, short of proper detailing or even leave a smeary trail behind them or momentary ‘freezing issues’ during action scenes. Fortunately, all this can be avoided if you buy a  Sony 55 inch TV.

Sony 55-inch TV Buying Guide: Viewing angles

To check the viewing angles on a TV you wish to purchase, pause an image on the display screen that contains a bright and colourful subject against a dark background, and slowly start walking around it from straight opposite to down its sides while observing these:

  • The intensity of greyness over parts of the photo when viewed straight-on that look black otherwise
  • Colours losing vibrancy
  • The increased appearance of backlight stripes, clouds or halos.

Remember the angle you’re looking at the TV screen when one or more of the above issues showed up, and see if that applies to your living room seating positions.

Sony 55-inch TV Buying Guide: Triluminos Display Feature

This innovative Feature increases the spectrum of colours on the screen to offer a more comprehensive range of colours, ensuring natural-looking blues, reds and greens than traditional white LED monitors. Sony 55-inch TVs can deliver superior colours and contrast due to this Triluminous technology which relies on quantum dots.

Sony 55-inch TV Buying Guide: BRAVIA Engine 

Most Sony 55-inch TVs come bundled with an exceptional quality high definition video processor, which renders images with great colours, higher contrast and clarity. Sony BRAVIA Engine produces high-quality photos regardless of whether the data from the source is in Standard Definition(SD) or High Definition(HD).

Sony 55-inch TV Buying Guide: Motionflow XR 800 

Most Sony 55-inch TVs offer smoother and sharper images. Sony’s Motionflow XR 800 inserts three extra frames between the pictures to make it four-time speed play, which makes the video experience more distinctive and appealing.

Sony 55-inch TV Buying Guide: X-Reality PRO Picture Engine

This advanced picture engine delivers enhanced 4K detail, colour and contrast. If you are watching low-resolution movies or programs, this innovative X-Reality PRO Picture Engine can restore the missing details and offer fantastic high-resolution outputs. This is why most Sony 55-inch TVs deliver more realistic-looking images.

Sony 55-inch TV Buying Guide: Audio Output

The sound quality of most low-price TVs can vary immensely. So if you have no plans of adding any external sound system, this feature is something you should pay attention to. Most manufacturers quote a number of watts of power for their Smart TV’s speaker systems, but this is rarely helpful in determining how a TV is likely to sound. 

Fortunately, Sony is well known for offering top-notch speaker systems in most Smart TVs. Furthermore, they also feature Dolby Audio and DTS Digital Surround to enrich your overall listening experience.

Be it premium-grade or low-price TVs, Sony has a strong brand image and is a global brand. Sony 55-inch TVs lets you enjoy an immersive excellent picture quality and a great watching experience. Sony’s Smart TVs have many positive points and a unique magic charm that never fails to amaze the users. If you are delaying the purchase of your favourite Sony 55-inch TV or some other low-price TV model due to budget limitations, we have you covered on that as well. Keep reading to explore more.

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