7 Beautiful Sedums to Grow Indoors

Sedums belong to the succulent family, so they are easy-to-grow and low-maintenance plants. There are several varieties that have small sizes clustered beautifully. With their varied beautiful appearance, you will fall in love with them to enhance your garden space or add a natural focal point to your living space indoors.
7 Beautiful Sedums to Grow Indoors
And here are 7 Beautiful Sedums to Grow Indoors if you are interested in this plant type. Each has its own beauty, and of course, you will have more choices that are suitable for your taste. Like other indoor plants, they can adapt to all conditions, even though they still thrive in your oblivion. To help Sedum grow happily in your home, the seasons of spring, summer, and fall with less hot temperatures are ideal conditions. In addition, you only remove dead branches or leaves in winter for them to grow healthily. Keep reading to know about them!

#1 Sedum Spurium

Source: Succulentsandsunshine

When looking closely, you will see this plant has the appearance of a small rose with thick petals. The combination of pink and green makes it look beautiful. You can grow it in pots and place it on desks or tabletops to liven up your living space.

#2 Sedum Cotyledon Pendens

Source: Esucculent

This Sedum Cotyledon Pendens type has beautiful flowers and also looks great with its vining stems when grown in hanging baskets. Place the pot near a window to help it get maximally the light intake.

#3 Sedum Dasyphyllum

Source: Succulentcity

Sedum Dasyphyllum has a unique shape that looks like a green caterpillar in a pot. The plant rarely opens flowers, but if you are lucky, you will enjoy its beautiful white flowers.

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#4 Sedum Sieboldi

Source: Wichitafallsmcc

This variety is one of the most popular sedums that gardeners love choosing because of its ability to produce beautiful flowers. The pink flowers at the end of the stem will be formed beautiful little balls.

#5 Sedum Rubrotinctum

Source: Worldofsucculents

Sedum Rubrotinctum produces thick leaves with a glossy structure making it look prettier, even like a fake plant.

#6 Sedum Mexanicum

Source: Flickr

The leaves of the Sedum Mexanicum have small leaves that look like a hair-like shape with a fresh lime green color. You can grow it as a ground cover in a pot with other plants to have a more beautiful appearance.

#7 Sedum Makinoi

Source: Pinterest

The Sedum Makinoi has a unique shape that looks like a small rose with fresh green color. Its vining stems can stick out beautifully when grown in hanging baskets and pots.

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