7 basic skin care steps any woman can do

Many people who are new to skin care are often confused among countless products, not knowing what order to use or how to choose products. First of all, you just need to follow the most basic care steps below.

1. Order of 7 basic skin care steps

Every step Skin Care The basic task below will have a separate task, required to be performed daily according to a certain time.

Skin care to have healthy, vibrant skin is what women want

Healthy, vibrant skin is what women want

1.1. Cleansing

Makeup removal is a step that many women skip with the notion: Washing your face is clean enough, you only need to remove makeup when applying makeup, etc. In fact, even if you have a bare face, you still need to remove makeup to remove oil. dirt, sunscreen,…

Makeup remover comes in many forms such as: water-based, oil-based, oil-water and wax-based makeup removers. Of which water makeup remover is the most popular, oil makeup remover helps effectively clean makeup. The way to remove makeup is very simple, you pour makeup remover into makeup remover cotton and clean your face. With makeup remover oil, you apply it directly to your face and massage gently before wiping off.

Makeup removal can be done 2-3 times a day, before washing your face or applying sunscreen, applying makeup, etc.

1.2. Wash one’s face

Face washing is done after makeup removal, to more deeply remove dirt, dead cells, sebum or remaining makeup. This is an extremely important step so you can have clean, healthy skin and prevent acne and other skin problems.

Washing your face helps clean dirt and sebum from the skin

Washing your face helps clean dirt and sebum from the skin

There are 2 ways to wash your face:

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Use facial cleanser

This is the method most girls choose because it is convenient, clean, and can be chosen according to their skin condition and effectively treat them.

Use natural ingredients

Many girls do not want to abuse too many chemicals, so they look for natural ingredients to safely clean their faces such as:

Oatmeal and egg whites: These two ingredients have the effect of cleansing the face and are very benign to the skin. Furthermore, oatmeal with fine particles also helps remove dead skin effectively.

Rice water: Rice water is selected as the cloudy water after removing the clear water above. This ingredient helps clean the face and provides whitening nutrients.

Green tea: You should use freshly boiled green tea, let it warm and gently massage on your face before washing it off with cool water.

1.3. Exfoliate dead skin

Exfoliation is a cleaning step that needs to be done every 2 – 3 days, to remove the horny layer and dead cells that the skin creates every day. You can use exfoliating products from cosmetic brands or use natural ingredients such as:

 Exfoliation helps remove dead cells that the skin produces every day

Exfoliation helps remove dead cells that the skin produces every day

Sugar and bananas

Puree banana and mix well with sugar, gently massage on skin before rinsing with water. Small sugar grains and bananas will remove dead skin and return clear, even-toned skin.

Turmeric powder and honey

Mix turmeric powder and honey into a thick mixture then apply on your face, gently massaging with your hands. Nutrients will penetrate deeply into the inner skin, the outer swollen layer will also be removed along with the mask layer after washing with cool water.

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1.4. Apply a skin care mask

Skin care masks on the market today are very diverse, you can choose depending on the purpose of skin care such as: whitening, moisturizing, cleansing, reducing inflammation, restoring skin,…

You can mix natural skin care ingredients such as yogurt, fresh milk, green tea powder, turmeric powder, fresh lemon, honey,… or buy ready-made masks from cosmetic brands. Note that before applying on your face, you need to clean your skin and use cool water to shrink pores.

1.5. Use toner/rose water

Rose water will be the final cleansing step for the skin, while helping to balance pH, tighten pores, and control sebum. This is an important step for the skin care nutrients used later to be more effective.

Toner is a step to clean and balance the skin's pH

Toner is a step to clean and balance the skin’s pH

1.6. Intensive skin care

Intensive skin care also includes many types such as: serum, moisturizer, anti-aging cream, etc. You should choose skin care cream according to the season and your weather and working conditions. For example, in hot weather when you sweat a lot, you should choose a moisturizer that absorbs quickly. In the dry winter, you should choose a deep moisturizer to avoid dry, chapped skin.

1.7. Mineral spray

Mineral spray is the final step to provide nutrients, creating a protective layer to give the nutrients previously provided time to penetrate deep into the skin, avoiding evaporation.

2. How to choose skin care cosmetics

Skin care cosmetics will help your skin become healthy, fresh, and avoid acne, dark spots, melasma, etc. Healthy skin is the secret to helping women preserve their youth. Some of the following criteria will help you choose cosmetics that are safe and suitable for your skin.

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2.1. Choose cosmetics suitable for your skin

First, determine your skin type: oily skin, dry skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, etc. and find specialized products for your skin. These products will contain suitable essences to overcome skin blemishes. You should dig deeper to know which ingredients in cosmetics are suitable for your skin, including preservatives, skin conditioners, fragrances, pH balancers, etc.

You should buy cosmetics with reputable brands and benign ingredients

You should buy cosmetics with reputable brands and benign ingredients

2.2. Buy reputable brand cosmetics

Reputable cosmetic brands are important in choosing skin care cosmetics, you can learn through acquaintances, beauty bloggers or sharing websites. On the market today, there are many fake cosmetics, so you need to buy them at reliable addresses such as the company’s showroom or reputable store, where there will be experts to guide you in choosing and Skin Care.

2.3. Choose cosmetics suitable for your skin condition

If your skin is having problems such as acne, dark spots, excess oil, dry skin, melasma, etc., choosing skin care products will depend on overcoming them.

To have beautiful skin, it’s very simple, persistently follow the 7 steps above. Surely you will have healthy, firm skin as desired.

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