7 Amazing Tide Uses In The Garden

Tide is a detergent that has many uses in the garden if you know ways to take advantage of it. Many people are always on the lookout for different ways to maintain their gardens and yards. If you are finding a cheap way yet effective technique, the 7 Amazing Tide Uses In The Garden is for you. They are easy, safe, and garden-friendly. Spend your time and check them out to find some you can make.
7 Amazing Tide Uses In The Garden
The use of Tide gets rid of slugs, snails, and weeds easily. Besides, the detergent has a strong scent to keep deer staying away from your garden. How about some uses for this detergent in gardens? Keep reading to know more detail about Tide use and get its superpowers working in your garden.

#1 Repel Weeds

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To control weeds in the garden, you can mix 1/2 cup of salt, 2 cups of Tide detergent with 2 cups of vinegar in a liter of water. And then, applying this solution directly on weeds.

#2 Keep Deer Stay Away The Garden

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The detergent has a strong scent and deer doesn’t like this. So, to keep deer staying away from your garden, you can place a bowl full of Tide powder mixed with water near the area where they frequently visit.

#3 Eliminate Ants, Cockroaches, and Bugs

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If you want to eliminate ants, cockroaches, and bugs, you can apply the solution by mixing 2 cups of the tide in a liter of water, mix well, and spray over ants and roaches.

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#4 Get Rid of Slugs and Snails

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After picking up slugs and snails from the garden, you can drop them in a solution that is a mixing of tide and water (2-3 cups of the tide in a liter of water). The soapy mixture will dissolve their membranes and kill them.

#5 Clean Garden Tools and Pots

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To keep your garden tools and pots clean, Tide is also a great option. Simply, mix 2-3 spoons of tide powder in a gallon of water, mix well and use the solution to clean up tools and pots. Using them with a nice scrub.

#6 Control Molds

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If your plants are affected, you can spray a solution by mixing a 1/2 spoon of the liquid tide in a gallon of water along with a teaspoon of baking soda. Keep in mind that test on one leaf before using the solution on the entire plant as too much of it can burn your leaves.

#7 Growing Grass

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Tide can help grasses in your lawn grow better and greener as it has phosphates, which grasses love. Simply, add a teaspoon of tide liquid in 5 gallons of lukewarm water and use the solution to water the grass in the yard, and it will green up in the time soon.

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