7 Actions You Can Take to Help Protect the World’s Most Endangered Species


Many of the world’s animals are endangered, with 17 species being classified as critically endangered. Human actions are seen as the cause of this in most cases, with activities such as pollution, overfishing, poaching, habitat destruction, and climate change being particularly detrimental. But all is not lost! This article gives you seven quick tips on how you can help protect the world’s most endangered species.

1. Educate

Teaching others about endangered species means that the word will be spread far and wide. Talk to your friends about what you have learned and show your support by signing up to wildlife charities and wearing recognizable products like elephant jewelry.

2. Learn

Find out about endangered animals and what risk factors are affecting them. A shocking statistic more should be aware of is that 99% of endangered species have become threatened due to human activity. Start small by researching the wildlife in your local area, particularly any animals that are already endangered or at risk of being added to that list.

3. Use decals

Millions of birds die every year by colliding with windows. You can reduce – or even eliminate – the chances of this at your home and workplace by placing decals on the windows.

4. Buy sustainable products

Products involving paper or wood can usually be purchased from companies with certification from the Forest Stewardship Council. This means that the trees to make these products have been sustainably sourced and so, by buying them, you are not contributing to the environmental degradation and habitat loss that many other options involve.

5. Avoid certain products

Materials such as ivory, coral, and tortoiseshell are all from endangered animals. The collection of ivory led to the loss of half of all of Africa’s elephants in the 1980s. Make sure that you never buy anything containing these products. If nobody ever buys them, there won’t be a market for them, so poachers would stop.

6. Be vocal

Write a letter to your local newspaper or government official. Explain the importance of caring for endangered species and not putting them in further jeopardy. Urge your Congress representatives to support the Endangered Species Act.

7. Protect water

Although it’s the most vital thing for all living things to consume, water is still being reduced both in quantity and quality. The typical American family wastes 180 gallons of water per week! Try to use less water in your home (i.e., take shorter showers, only use dishwashers and laundry machines on a full load, etc.) so that there’s more of this finite resource available for wildlife. Also, avoid using chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides that end up in waterways and contaminate the water.

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