6 very good kettlebell exercises to practice today

Kettlebell is not strange gym equipment, and it is increasingly chosen by many gym people next to Dumbbell weights. When done correctly, kettlebell exercises are an extremely effective tool to help increase strength and coordination.

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The benefits of using Kettlebell weights in training are indisputable, but it is only beneficial when you exercise correctly, and the problem of many people is that training with this weight is so much wrong that the benefits are received. is not big.

It is said that elite practitioners are better at keeping the fundamentals. It is these principles that are the key to success in bodybuilding in particular as well as in all other fields. Master the basics and you’ll get the best results.

There are 6 basic kettlebell exercises that you need to master. These 6 exercises are considered the core when talking about Kettlebell exercises. If you know how to do these exercises, you will be able to quickly get your desired body faster.

6 core kettlebell exercises you need to know

1. Russian Kettlebell Swing

Russian Kettlebell Swing exercise

The Russian Kettlebell Swing is performed by swinging weights up to shoulder height, an extremely effective exercise when practiced with the right posture.

When doing this exercise, your hip muscles will become extremely strong.

The Russian Kettlebell Swing is a 2-in-1 exercise. You can do it both to increase strength and increase endurance.

This is also considered the best full-body fat-burning exercise.

2. Goblet Squat

Kettlebell Goblet Squat

The squat is a lower-body exercise with many variations. One of them is the kettlebell goblet squat. This is not only a leg workout, but a full-body workout that enhances mobility, helps you move more easily with heavier weights and improves your body’s conditioning.

For maximum leg strength, the Back Squat is the king of leg exercises, but the kettlebell goblet squat can be seen as an addition to perfect your legs. Learning how to move safely and efficiently is also crucial to your training.

Overall, the kettlebell goblet squat is a simple, easy exercise that can be immediately incorporated into your weekly leg routine.

3. Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up

Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up exercise

Turkish Get-Up is a very effective full body workout. Although the movement starting from lying on the floor, then moving to a standing position and then back to lying down, looks simple, but doing it right is not as simple as you think.

Doing this exercise well will help you perform more technically demanding exercises. It will teach you how to move flexibly while carrying a heavy weight on your body. It requires you to have strength, flexibility, and movement.

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To have strong, supple shoulders, strong body, hip muscles and improve mobility, Turkish Get-Up is an exercise not to be missed.

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4. Kettlebell Strict Press

Kettlebell Strict Press

After you’ve been able to do the first 3 exercises and have proven you have mobility and shoulder stability, the Kettlebell Strict Press is the next challenge for you.

Although it looks like the Overhead Press, it is more than just a shoulder exercise because you need to use your whole body to do it.

So, compared to using single dumbbells, what are the more prominent advantages of using warm weights? For me, using warm weights is more comfortable and natural for the shoulder joint than single dumbbells.

Kettlebell Strict Press is harder to do with dumbbells and even harder when you’re using a bar. You just feel like you’re pushing harder with warm weights simply because it gives you a more natural stance.

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5. Kettlebell Clean

Kettlebell Clean exercise

Similar to the Swing, the Clean is also an explosive full-body workout for strength and conditioning. The difference here is that the kettlebell ends up in a rack position instead of projecting horizontally away from the body.

Clean exercises can be a bit time consuming, but once you get the hang of it, it’s essential to be able to do other high-performance exercises later.

Clean exercises can be done alone or combined with Press exercises, this is considered one of the best combinations. When the Clean is performed with the right weighted Kettlebell, it gives a significant effect.

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6. Kettlebell Snatch

The Kettlebell Snatch – sometimes called the king of Kettlebell exercises – is a full-body strength workout. It differs from the Barbell Snatch in weightlifting except that it is on the ground and directs the weight overhead.

To perform the Kettlebell Snatch requires the performer to have outstanding physical and overall strength. It can help take athletic performance to the next level, build explosive strength, and train strong shoulders.

Kettlebell Snatch requires proper technique, explosive hip strength, and mental strength. Do not try this exercise until your hip area is really strong.

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While you can watch a how-to video and follow along, it’s still best to work out with an experienced fitness trainer. Although kettlebells are just a training tool, it takes technique to perform them for optimal effectiveness and safety.

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