6 Unique Plants That Look Like Humans Body Parts

Have you ever seen unique plants that look like the face or a part of a human or yet? It sounds strange, right? In fact, they exist in real life. And in this post today you will have a chance to see the most unique plants in the world that everyone will be amazed at. These plants and fungi come out looking like human bits every single time. Check them out with us to see how interesting they are.
6 Unique Plants That Look Like Humans Body Parts
Nature not only brings green space to human life but also has a lot of surprises, and you will be astonished to learn that there are many wonders in the plant world that can amaze you with their shapes. For example, the beautiful lips of a girl, or a human ear, eyeballs, even a corpse’s hand, these images have in the plants here. If you love discovering the secrets of the natural world, these plants are for you. Reading and seeing them.

#1 Auricularia Auricula

Source: Medioambiente

Auricularia Auricula has a body shape similar to the human ear. When in a fresh state, the fruiting body has a chewy (like gelatin). In the dry state, the fruiting body of the mushroom will be as hard as bone.

#2 Guarana

Source: Yamamotonutrition

Guarana is a climbing vine of the maple family. Its leaves are wide and have clusters of flowers. Fruit skin is red with white meat. Inside are black seeds the size of a coffee bean. When you have broken skin, flesh, and seeds so it looks like eyeballs.

#3 Devil’s Fingers Mushroom

Source: Ilovevaquero

Devil’s Fingers Mushroom looks like a corpse’s hand. In its mature form, it has four to eight fingers as red as a fire engine with black spheres that resemble suction cups on an octopus’s tentacles. These black spheres are gleba, which emits a rancid smell reminiscent of rotting meat.

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#4 Psychotria Elata

Source: Amusingplanet

Psychotria Elata looks like the thick lips flushed sexy that attracts every eye could see.

#5 False Morels

Source: Allmushroominfo

False Morels have a wavy, lobed surface, similar to the wrinkled cerebral cortex of our brains.

#6 Snapdragon

Source: Kuriositas

Snapdragon has a shape to resemble a human skull when wilted flowers.

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