6 Steps To Open Your Own Vape Shop In Australia

6 Steps To Open Your Own Vape Shop In Australia

The Vaping Industry has gained a lot of popularity and even though it has become controversial the industry turnover is still lucrative. It is worth $61.4 billion. Therefore, many are curious to get a Vape shop online as it is among the fastest business-growing trends today. It is making sense to the entrepreneurs and the stats are very convincing as well. In a research conducted by Quartz in 2016, it was discovered that about 2.7 shops are there for each bowling alley in the United States of America. It is continuing to be the most profitable business and if this is something that you are interested in, here are 6 simple steps to open a vape shop.

Starting a vape business or any other business is not a simple thing to do. To execute the vaping business you need to know the FDA regulations, some crucial logistics, taxes, and various other things so these particular challenges can be handled precisely. If you have the determination to make the most in this business then keep these steps in mind along with the costs as you launch your vaping business.

6 Steps To Open Your Own Vape Shop In Australia

Step 1: Writing a business plan

Once you have chosen the type of business you want to start you need to decide its name and come up with a business structure. These are important things to start a vaping business and do some planning as well as research. It will go along with business plan writing.

Starting this business is interesting but it is a popular industry and lately, there are some regulations and bans in a few states. Depending on which state you live in, you must do the research to find this out. There are no federal excise taxes on vape products but in a few states taxes are being levied on these products. Either it is the percentage of the wholesale product value or the percentage per ml or per unit of the liquid.  

Taxes vary and starting the business can be expensive so things can be a little difficult. For example, in Minnesota, it is 95% tax and in DC it is 70% tax. So, you have to increase the price of the products accordingly and if your competitors have kept a low price then you can lose business too. You need to plan everything systematically and properly. 

In your business plan make sure to mention the competition and other obstacles. It will help to overcome these problems. Do a market analysis and see how your business will meet the actual demand for the products.

Even if the marketing is proper you cannot fail to meet the FDA regulations on selling e-cigs. Once all this is done you must have a business name and check the secretary’s state website to find if the business name is available or not.

Then check the business structure. If there are business partners you can choose the Limited Liability Company or sole proprietorship. There are different business entity options and as per your business type, you need to make a choice. 

Step 2: Registering your business and getting any license or permits 

6 Steps To Open Your Own Vape Shop In Australia

Once you have made the business plan now you need to register the business on the federal state and local levels to get the license which means that you abide by the laws of each. It is challenging and FDA considers e gigs as tobacco so you have to meet government-specific regulations to sell vape products. The labels on all packages should have a health hazard warning.

If you are mixing liquids or modifying the vaporizers then make sure to comply with the retailer manufacturer regulations. As per the city, state and county you must have the extra license and permit to open and operate the shop legally. The fee for license and permit will vary as per the location. So, talk to a lawyer about the vape shops and for local regulations speak to someone in the county clerk’s office.

For business, registration checks out the Secretary of State’s Website and considers the cost of registering the business.

Step 3: Analyze the start-up costing

6 Steps To Open Your Own Vape Shop In Australia

No matter which business you are starting you have to analyze the costs and make other monetary arrangements. You have to open a business bank account and secure a location. You need accounting software, a marketing campaign in place and suppliers purchasing points need to be thought about as well. You have to hire and train the employees and there should be a streamlined way of doing these things.

Then stocking the inventory is also very important. You have to stock the vape shop with replacement e-liquids, coils, hardware, battery chargers and vape juice. Choose to buy wholesale vape supplies so you can get more stock at competitive prices. But, choose a reputed name because you should not compromise on the quality. You should buy vapour juice for wholesale and choose flavoured liquids as well. To get bulk flavour concentrates Australia you must contact only reputable wholesale suppliers so your customers are loyal towards you and you keep getting orders from them.

 Step 4: Getting business insurance

6 Steps To Open Your Own Vape Shop In Australia

You have to think about the type of business insurance policy you need for the shop. As per the insured vape shops pay more for the insurance as compared to other retail shops and the average annual cost for a small business owner who holds the general liability insurance policy of the company was $591.13 and for vape shops, it is $711.11 and the cost will depend on the risk factors, amount, type and value of the products.

You can get the insurance through general insurance companies and there are niche insurance brokers that have policies that cover vape shop products and property. There is an insurance policy for brick-and-mortar locations, health hazards, defective products, etc.

Step 5: You need a business checking account and a business credit card

Business finances should be separated from personal finances and it is essential to see where the product you are selling is regulated fairly. For this, a business checking account is needed and there should be a place to get the money and pay the employees.

A business credit card is vital for funding and building a credit score. The card will help you boost your score and pay on time to the suppliers and ask them to vouch for you to the credit bureaus. It can help you later. Card issuers check your personal creditworthiness and ability to pay back the credit you are using so they do not turn you down simply because of the stats.

Card issuers will make a robust credit inquiry before issuing the card and take your business financials into consideration. If there is no annual revenue for the vape shop you will need to give the personal income and outstanding debt information.  Credit cards can be expensive so pay the balance month to month and choose a no-fee business card.

Step 6: Funding

Last but not the least, once the upfront costs are decided you need to get secured financing for your business. Even if this business is profitable banks consider vaping as a risky venture. You need to prove that you can pay what you owe. Many online vendors are ready to fund vape shops and even issue loans to startup businesses.

You may need alternative sources for funding so check to bootstrap, and crowdsourcing, ask family and friends for loans or take out personal business loans for your new business. You can use your business card for funding as well but be careful to pay it in full. Once the score is built you can think about talking to vape shop lenders to get a bigger business loan.

Starting a vape shop online

The above steps are fine to be taken to open the vape shop at a physical location, but for an eCommerce business, you need to deal with the state regulations and comply with the regulations that where you are planning to ship your products.

You need an e-commerce website which is a good amount of work to set up the business online. You can choose from many e-commerce website templates and get the work done. Then market your online shop. You need to install an age verification widget and things like these on the website. Choose the best wholesale supplier to get your products at a low price. Order bulk vapour juice wholesale. This will help you make an immense profit online.

Competition is fierce online so setting up your company as a distinct brand it may bring a few complications. You should be ready for that and learn to manage extra work.


Of so many profitable small business ideas vape shop business is the most profitable one. You may face some challenges but you need to abide by FDA regulations, pay excise taxes, work on online selling competition and handle many other risks like getting funds, business cards, etc. However, if there is proper research in place, a business plan in hand, and advice from experts then you can cross the hurdles easily. Also, order vapour juice in Australia from a well-known wholesale supplier so you get products at competitive prices and your profit margin can be bigger also. 

As more regulations on e-cigs will be rolled out by FDA in 2022, you can benefit immensely from this $5.5 billion industry. So, take each step wisely and you can also make big in this business. 

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