6 Mistakes with Invisalign Maintenance and How to Avoid Them

Have you been taking care of your Invisalign aligners properly? Wondering if you’re making any big mistakes with Invisalign maintenance?

While Invisalign can be a powerful tool for straightening your teeth, you need to take care of your aligners properly if you want to get the best results. There are some things that you should avoid doing during your Invisalign maintenance routine to avoid damage and keep your aligners in great shape.

Here a 6 major mistakes with Invisalign maintenance that you’ll want to avoid.

1. Skipping a Daily Maintenance Routine

A big mistake that’s often made when taking care of Invisalign trays is skipping a daily Invisalign maintenance routine.

It’s important to carefully brush the trays with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste every single day. Doing this will give your trays the best chance of staying clean and will help to prevent staining. It will also help the trays to feel and smell fresh as well.

Be sure that you don’t miss any days of your cleaning routine with your Invisalign aligners. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of cleaning the aligners at the same time each day to ensure that you’ll remember to do it. Missing cleaning days can reduce the life and comfort of your aligners and can be unhygienic, so make sure that you care for them regularly.

Be sure to choose a great orthodontist and talk to them about the best ways to clean your Invisalign aligners. If you’re looking for an orthodontist in Charlotte, you may want to check out Koerich & Case Orthodontics.

2. Using Mouthwash to Clean Your Aligners

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when caring for their Invisalign aligners is that they try to clean them by letting them soak in mouthwash. Unfortunately, this method of cleaning the aligners isn’t very effective and is likely doing more harm than good.

The alcohol that’s in mouthwash can end up breaking down the plastic in the aligners and may cause spots to become weak or warped. This change to the aligners can reduce their effectiveness and can make them a lot less comfortable to wear.

On top of this, soaking the aligners in mouthwash for an extended period of time may also cause the aligners to become stained, making them no longer invisible. 

3. Not Using the Right Tools

When cleaning your Invisalign aligners, make sure that you’re using the right cleaning tools. Don’t just use water or a paper towel, but instead, make sure you get some tools that will be perfectly suited for cleaning your Invisalign trays.

There are some great Invisalign cleaning tools and kits that you can buy that will help you clean your aligners thoroughly. Most of all, be sure that you have a small brush to use that can allow you to get to each spot of your aligners with ease.

In addition to this, remember to avoid cleaning your aligners with hot water. Like when using mouthwash, hot water can cause damage to your aligners, so you’ll want to use lukewarm water instead.

4. Leaving Your Aligners In At All Times

Another potential mistake that you can make when maintaining your Invisalign aligners is failing to take them out at the right times.

When eating or drinking anything other than water, it’s essential that you remove the aligners. Otherwise, the food and drinks that you’re having will grind into the trays and become very difficult to remove later on.

By eating with the aligners, you can put a lot of pressure on them and they can get dirty easily. Drinking with the aligners in, on the other hand, can cause staining and discoloration.

By ensuring that you take your aligners out whenever you eat a meal or have a snack, your aligners will look and feel better.

5. Not Cleaning Them As Soon As You Take Them Out

Whenever you take out your aligners, it’s important that you clean them and put them away properly.

If you’re taking your aligners out to eat or drink, for example, you’ll immediately want to rinse them and then put them back into their container. Don’t leave them sitting out while you eat.

A lot of bacteria can accumulate on Invisalign aligners if they’re not cared for. This bacteria can grow more easily if you don’t put them back in their container when you’re not wearing them. 

While it won’t take long to give them a quick rinse, the result can be well worth it and your aligners will stay clean.

6. Failing to Take Care of Your Oral Health

If you’re using Invisalign aligners, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect your regular oral hygiene routine. You still need to take good care of your teeth in other ways when using Invisalign.

You should brush your teeth, floss, and use mouthwash consistently when using Invisalign. Ideally, brush your teeth after every meal to ensure that your mouth is as clean as possible before you put your aligners back in.

The positive effects of using Invisalign will be minimized if you don’t continue taking care of your oral health as you should. By paying enough attention to your teeth and following a good oral care routine, you’ll be able to get the most benefit possible out of your Invisalign aligners. 

Avoiding These Mistakes With Invisalign Maintenance

Mistakes with Invisalign maintenance are common, so you’ll want to make sure to be mindful of how you care for your aligners. By approaching maintenance in the right way you’ll ensure that you can keep them in great shape.

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