6 Edible Seeds To Grow In Your Garden

Celery, Dill, Coriander, and more, can be found in most of these seeds in the spice aisle in any supermarket nowadays. However, they also grow well right in your garden. Just as with growing your own vegetables, no store-bought seeds and spices will ever be as fresh as the ones you harvest a few feet away from your kitchen. And in the post below, we are so glad to share 6 Edible Seeds To Grow In Your Garden.
6 Edible Seeds To Grow In Your Garden
Although the seeds are not the main harvest, growing them for the leafy greens, the seeds come as a bonus. They are very easily taken care of and do not take much effort from gardeners. Even if you lack space or you are a beginner in gardening, they are great options. You can grow some in containers, or pots, they still grow well and give beautiful flowers while easily giving you flavorful herbs for dishes! So, let’s consider growing them in your garden.

#1 Celery

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Celery seeds can be used in any dishes such as stews, soups, and oven roasts to enhance the taste of celery without adding the bulk of celery stalks.

Although Celery seed is usually harvested in the wild, you also you can grow it in the garden. The celery plant needs consistency in temperature, moisture levels, and sun exposure. The stems and the leaves can be harvested during the plant’s first summer and fall, and during its second year, you can harvest seeds on the heart intact.

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#2 Dill

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The taste and smell of Dill are great in homemade dill pickles. You can use both dill stalks and seeds to flavor pickles, from cornichon and cauliflower to bell peppers and carrots. And you also use dill seeds in bread or as a bagel topping.

Dill is from the Mediterranean, it prefers to grow both in warmth and sun. So for the best, let’s give it at least 6 hours of sunlight, and sow dill seeds directly into the ground.

#3 Radish Pods

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Not many gardeners know that radish pods are edible, they have the perfect taste for dishes such as stir fry, risotto, and curry as fresh snacks.

#4 Coriander

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Coriander can be eaten in a potato salad with fennel and radishes or coriander seed bundt cake. You can plant a couple of coriander plants every year and start sowing them in pots before the last frost. And the spring is a good time for sowing, this allows the seeds to bolt when it gets hot in the summer.

#5 Fennel

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Fennel seed taste is great to add to gluten-free crackers and fennel-spiced potato wedges.

The seeds can be grown from straight in the ground in full sun after the last spring frost. The fennel plants can endure drought and fennel seeds will be harvested as early as mid-August.

#6 Mustard

Source: Gardenerspath

Mustard belongs to the Brassica family, the easy-to-grow plant is a cold-season crop and is ready to harvest around 40 days after sowing. Mustard seeds can be used in curries, stews, stir fry, and salad dressing.

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