6 Benefits of Visiting Small Towns for Your Vacation

visiting small town

Most people choose regular tourist destinations when traveling. While this has its own benefits, visiting small towns and villages also has its charm. If you want to try a different kind of vacation and tread off the beaten path, here are a few reasons why you should put small towns on your itinerary this year: 

You’ll support the local economy

In most places, most funds go to big cities and tourist centers, while rural communities have to struggle financially. Well, you can take your business to people in need and help them put food on the table. You’ll not only keep the local economy alive but also get top-notch products for your money and enjoy much more personalized services. 

You’ll meet amazing people

People from Sydney, LA or Paris might be fed up with a never-ending stream of tourists crowding their streets and raising the prices of real estate. But people of small towns and villages don’t see tourists that often. This means they will be happy to welcome you and provide you with some of their famous hospitality. You will learn so much from locals, you just have to ask and be respectful. Wherever you turn, you can meet an interesting person. Pumping gas at a gas station? You can chat with the worker and get some tips on great picnic spots in the area. Buying bread at the local bakery? The baker will probably get to recommend a great store for local products to pair with the fresh bread. 

You’ll save a lot of money

In small towns, a round of drinks for the entire bar costs $10. Dinner with a steak is $20. Museums and attractions are often free. And accommodation is very affordable! For instance, it’s hard to believe that you can find Brownsville apartments in Texas for less than $1000 a month, sometimes as low as $500. If you’re planning a longer vacation, you’ll save so much money by renting in such affordable towns. And you’ll still get to enjoy all the luxury you deserve. 

You’ll be noticed and appreciated

As stated above, small-town people don’t see tourists and foreigners that often, so when you arrive, expect to be noticed and appreciated. While you can blend in the big city, in a small village where everyone knows everyone, you’ll stick out, hopefully in a good way. Your attention can bring you many benefits. For instance, sellers might rush to put an extra apple in your bag or treat you to a slice of cake, especially if you show true interest in their products and trades. But make sure not to be greedy—it’s polite to accept gifts but make sure to repay the kindness. 

Expect to be invited to various local cultural events and village happenings (and there are plenty of those because small communities are very big when it comes to culture). The only downside to being noticed all the time is the fact that you have to be extra careful when it comes to being respectful and polite. 

You’ll experience the true charm of the country

If you’re traveling to France and stay only in Paris, you will miss out on a lot of amazing local products and experiences. For instance, when you’re in a tiny village in the French Alps that doesn’t have a Starbucks, you’ll opt for authentic local coffee and a beautiful handmade croissant. Popular tourist destinations and big urban centers have long lost their authentic charm, but small villages and towns still have their own personality untouched by globalization. If you truly want to experience a country and see how people live, then coming to a small town is the way to go. 

You’ll get to truly relax

Many people choose to travel for relaxation and wellness. However, it can be hard to relax in a destination that’s brimming with tourists. In many cases, too many tourists create a horrible noise, they block the views and pollute beautiful natural riches. There’s no way you can hear the birds sing in the morning in London, fall asleep with the sound of waves in Mikonos or see the stars in New York. But you can do that in Castle Combe in Wiltshire, Assos in Kefalonia and Talkeetna in Alaska. 

If you’re just planning your next vacation, make sure to put at least one or two little towns or villages on your list and do something good for yourself, your travel companions and the local communities. 

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