6 Beautiful Flowering Houseplants For Your Bathroom

Maybe your living room and bedroom are already decorated, but your bathroom is the relaxing place that gets clean and immersed in the cool water to enjoy comfortable moments after a hard working day. This is why this place also deserves to be decorated beautifully. Here are the 6 Beautiful Flowering Houseplants For Your Bathroom to bring this place more alive, fresh, and inviting. Also, these flowers are great ways to absorb the humidity to survive.
6 Beautiful Flowering Houseplants For Your Bathroom
Not only produce stunning flowers, but they plant also bring positive effects on human health. They can do double duty as decor pieces and natural dehumidifiers, help remove harmful toxins, create fresh air, balance moisture, and provide more oxygen. Check them out and grow some to make your bathrooms more attractive and pleasant.

#1 Bromeliads

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There are many different colors, types, and sizes of bromeliads that you can choose. The sword-shaped leaves and bright, unique blooms will make a great addition to your bathroom decor. They love humidity and warmth with little to no soil.

#2 Cyclamen

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Cyclamen has many varieties and most of them grow happily in a bathroom. They display beautiful flowers that emit a sweet, pleasant scent. Give them a little morning sun to enjoy eye-catching blooms. Also, keep them safe out of cold drafts and harsh afternoon sun.

#3 Begonia

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Begonias are flowery tropical natives that grow well both indoors and outdoors. Growing it in your bathroom will help absorb moisture and add fragrant clusters of blossoms.

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#4 Orchids

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Almost orchid varieties require bright lighting but need to be protected from direct scorching rays, for the best, give them filtered sunlight. Also, give them warm, humid conditions like bathrooms for happy growth.

#5 Azalea

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Azalea favors growing in warm, humid environments in nature, so the bathroom is a great alternative! A steamy bathroom with some morning sun is perfect for the blossoms bright and healthy.

#6 Peace Lily

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Peace Lily is a perfect air-purifying plant that can remove trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, and ammonia from your living space. Apart from its easy growth properties, it also brings an elegant look of beautiful white flowers and dark green, spear-shaped leaves, making it a favorite houseplant. Thanks to the low light tolerance, this is a good choice for your dark bathroom.

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