6 Adorable Nursery Wall Décor Ideas

Decorating a kid’s nursery is the most exciting task. So, whether you have weeks or months, you will be keen to complete nursery decor on time.

But the act of creating a nursery is much more than a room décor. These walls are where you will do storytelling, share precious memories, a nest, and cozy corners for little ones.

Being a parent, you must know the importance of a nursery and how challenging its décor part is. It would be great to create a perfect and safe place that sparks your child’s imaginations in the coming future.

The following are some adorable nursery wall décor ideas you must try:

Selecting Nursery Wall Colors

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Choosing the color of a nursery is an important thing you will face. Most of you prepare a baby’s room before the arrival of your little one. So, you don’t know the gender.

But some different colors or combinations complement both boy or a girl. However, you must understand the influence of different colors before selecting one for nursery. The tips below will help you to decide the color which is best for the nursery:

Red represents passion or aggression. So, be careful while using it in a nursery. Do not use red color to paint all walls of a child’s room. Instead, make red accents or place red-colored décor elements.

Orange is an extremely soothing and warm color that stimulates friendship or communication. However, make sure not to use too much orange as it can be overstimulating.

Yellow,  a cheerful or sunny color, provides energy and better memory. In addition, its hues improve your concentration. But too much yellow color may agitate a child.

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Green, a neutral color associated with mother nature, can be suitable for any room. In addition, it is good for improving mental health or well-being.

Blue color is very calming or relaxing for nursery walls. But make sure not to paint walls with darker shades. Otherwise, it will give a depressive look to the nursery.

White is a symbol of innocence, calmness, and purity. It would be great to use it in combination with different colors.

Brown is a warm or pleasant color. It looks exceptionally well and cheerful in combination with beige, light blue, cream, or green.

 Nursery Wall Art

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Are you looking for ideas to bring in life on the bare walls of the nursery? Well, nursery wall art can turn boring walls into exciting and eye-catching ones. There are endless possibilities to decorate these blank vertical areas.

You can either incorporate oversized wall painting or create a gallery of cute art pieces that inspires a child’s imagination. If not then, you can opt for custom prints. So, get your personalized favorite family pictures and hang them on the bare walls.

It helps you to create lively interiors and add personality to the nursery. Moreover, these customized art pieces are inexpensive and can create a unique or homey ambiance.

Library Wall

Are you looking for beautiful and inexpensive nursery wall art ideas? If yes, then no need to do much. Instead, simply use storybooks that belong to your child. Install book rack or ledges on the wall.

Then, place your favorite books on them to create a kids library wall. It is a great and educational way to transform a space into a reading nook.

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Make sure not to forget to add a cozy reading space where a child can read a good book.

Colorful World Map

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Why not decorate the nursery with something that is fun and educational. For example, world maps can do well as nursery wall décor items. Kids will love to see illustrations and learn more about different parts of the world.

World maps are very good options to build their IQ level and to increase their curiosity to learn more. Moreover, it will inspire wanderlust in them too.

Install a Peg Rail for Organizing Clothes

Getting a child ready for the day can be very challenging. You have to spend a lot of time finding clean clothes in the kid’s closet. So, installing a peg rail on the nursery wall.

It is a great way to decorate a room and keep clothes away from the height of little ones. There you can keep clothes close and ready in advance for them to get ready.

Line Toys on the Shelf

Create a beautiful and cute display with teddies or dolls. Set them on wooden shelves lined up in vertical space. It can act as a toy storage area. It is an excellent way to keep soft toys off the surface area.

Final Words

You must consider many factors while decorating the nursery, such as the child’s age, style, or room size. Either you want to create a space for older ones or a newborn, start from scratch.

There are different nursery wall art ideas out there. Hopefully, the above-described suggestions will help you to decorate the perfect child’s room.

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