5 Ways To Cut The Cost Of Going To College

Education is a worthwhile investment for the future, and going to college can help you achieve your career goals. However, as the cost of education continues to skyrocket, many people are wondering, is it really worth it? 

This is a difficult question to answer, and ultimately, it depends on your personal situation and your life goals. But if you are concerned about the cost of college and whether you will recoup that investment, you need to find ways to ease the financial burden. You may not realize it, but there are actually a number of simple things you can do – and some of the following are a few of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of college.

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment is an excellent way to get a head start with college so you can spread out the cost and finish your degree much faster. If you are eligible, you can even take college courses while still in high school. In this case, when you get to college, you already have a lot of your credits and you don’t need to pay for as many programs. Plus, finishing college faster also reduces your living costs.

The eligibility requirements for this route vary from place to place, so you will have to check with the colleges and universities you’re interested in attending. In most cases, you will have to achieve certain grades before you are able to take college courses. To help get an insight, you can find more details about the requirements in different states here.

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Online Degree Courses

The cost of living when you move away for college increases the financial burden by a lot. But what if you could avoid that altogether? Good news: you can – online learning is becoming more popular than ever for exactly this reason. You can study from home and even work alongside your studies to make it more affordable. 

Reputable educational institutions like Spalding University Online offer a range of excellent college courses that give you the flexibility to study in a way that is affordable to you. Doing things remotely on your own time also makes it easier to fit your studies around other responsibilities, like work and family. That’s why online study is a popular choice for people that are returning to education later in life.

Community College

Community college is always a cheaper option than a conventional four-year college degree. Many people are concerned about the reputation of a community college and whether the degree will carry the same weight. 

However, you can switch to a four-year college later if you want; you can go to community college to complete all of your basic classes and then transfer in your final years to specialize and attain your degree. This is an excellent option as long as you check that the four-year school accepts community college credits first.


Scholarships are special aid programs that are designed to help people cover the cost of college. There are all kinds of different scholarships that you can apply for, so always check if there is something for which you are eligible. 

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You may be able to get a sports scholarship, music scholarship, or vocational scholarship, and there are also programs for low-income families. Even if you don’t get accepted for a scholarship when you first start college, you should still apply every year, just in case. In some instances, you can get the entire cost of college covered.

Buy Second-Hand Textbooks

The cost of textbooks for college is out of control. In fact, it costs an average of $1240 per year for books and supplies. You can significantly reduce that cost if you look for second-hand textbooks and borrow whatever you can from a library. Remember, as soon as you get your reading list, head straight for the campus library because other people will get the same idea, and there won’t be enough book copies for everybody.

There are also some excellent places to get books online, like Chegg. You can buy second-hand and rent books, too. Renting is ideal for brand new editions of textbooks because used copies are few and far between. However, when buying second-hand, always consider the edition. If you buy one that is a couple of years old, it’s probably fine. But if you get a very old edition, the information could be outdated. This is especially true for STEM subjects as new research replaces old assumptions.

Ultimately, there are a lot of people out there trying to decide whether college is the right choice because they are worried about the financial burden. Still, on the other hand, college can help you achieve your career goals, so it may well be worth the money for many people. However, if you follow these steps, you can reduce the cost and improve your financial future at the same time.

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