5 Types Of Popular Electronic Cigarettes You Must Know Before Purchasing One

Whether you wish to quit smoking or want a new addition to your recreational activities, electronic cigarettes are the trendiest devices.

No one expected them to have such a storming effect on the market when they launched in 2003. Nowadays, approx 55 million people have made vaping their regular habit. After all, you can easily find them online whether you like a mouth to lung or direct vaping style.

But, there are so many variants it can easily confuse a beginner. How will you know which one to choose then?

By knowing their types. Simple!

Disposable One-Piece Device

Usually referred to as minis, these vaping options are among the most convenient choices. Whether you don’t like to carry a device around or want a healthier alternative, these small e-cigarettes won’t disappoint.

They also carry as much nicotine as two packs of cigarettes, so you save a lot by choosing them. However, you might have to adjust its performance as they don’t have any flavour or vapour toning feature.

Rechargeable Electronic Cigarettes

If you have a smoking habit but still want to switch to vaping, these rechargeable versions will be your favourite in no time. Packed with a battery, a USB cable and a clearomizer, these electronic cigarettes can be used repeatedly with simple electric refuelling.

It is better than traditional cigarettes, but it also carries the cartridge for increased flavour and vapour quality. The best part is – you can smoke indoors without letting anyone know.

Vape Pods

Welcome, the latest addition to the vaping world!

These pods are slightly bigger than minis but much better in performance. They come with a disposable pod that holds the atomiser and liquid.

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Once you’ve exhausted the e-liquid, replace the old pod with a new one. It’s that simple!

Since these vaping devices produce high voltage, you can rest assured of satisfaction. However, they consume the battery quickly, requiring you to replace them often.

Pen-like Vaping Device

Would it not be great to carry a vaping device without making it obvious?

Thankfully, the standard vape pen is here for your recreation time. These devices are a combination of a battery, removable atomisers and a tank. Think of a hybrid length between a cigar and a pen if you want to know the size.

The cost of these pen vapes is slightly higher than the usual devices. But, you will be compensated with long battery life and diverse flavour options.

Box Mods

Craving for an ultimate vaping experience?

Pick box mods, then. These vaping devices are advanced personal vaporizer which come in many designs and sizes. From a small box to a cylinder, you can find the volume you want to enjoy in these options.

On top of this, you can even choose from rechargeable, in-built or removable batteries. So, you can pick a variant that enhances your vaping experience.



Electronic cigarettes are fantastic for beginners to try out. They don’t cause any smoke, but they also offer a more sophisticated experience than the conventional ones.

Today, you can choose an e-cigarette that simultaneously suits your pocket and your mouth to lung vaping. You need to pick a variant or a combination that you are sure to enjoy!

That’s to say; your excellent lung hits are just a few choices away!

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