5 Super Reasons To Become an Android App Developer

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There will be over 27 million developers in the world by 2023.

You could be one of them!

With over 2.7 billion smartphones in use worldwide, Android app developers are in seriously high demand. It has never been easier to pick up the skills required to join this lucrative career.

Still unsure about whether being an android app developer is for you?

Read on, and we will give you five amazing reasons why you should get into an app developer career today.

1. The Starting Salary Is Great

The demand for android developers is high at the moment, with many companies and individuals all wanting to develop their own applications. As such, even with a year’s experience under your belt, you can look to earn as much as between $40,000 and $60,000.

That’s an amazing salary to start a coding career on. And it only gets better as the average Android Developer salary is around $90,000 a year. That’s not to include any applications you may build and promote as an individual that can boost your earnings on the side.

Development is a profitable business, and you should be able to make a good living doing it.

2. You Can Work From Anywhere

Being a developer means you need access to a computer and the internet and not much else. There is nothing to tie you to an office because you are set up to work as long as you have your equipment.

Working from home or a cafe or even the beach is a genuine possibility once you have the equipment, and many software programmers are no longer required to come into the office to do their job. If you are an independent developer, then the world is your oyster, and becoming a digital nomad is a reality.

3. Every Day Is Different

There will be a lot of crunching code daily, but each day will present a new challenge. As well as coding, you will need to plan your mobile app, possibly involving work with user experience teams. You will need to test your apps with users and gather feedback.

You will also be writing scripts, testing code, and trying to find answers to seemingly impossible questions. It will be challenging but fun, and you will never be bored.

4. Job Security Is High

As we mentioned before, the demand for app developers is incredibly high at the moment. You will not find it difficult to find a job in app development on android if you have the requisite skills and experience.

Take a look at the developer job boards to see what coding skills you need, and you will find hundreds of positions waiting to be filled right now.

5. You Can Create Some Great Projects

Some apps are for fun, but a few can change the world. Perhaps you will need to develop the next covid tracker app or one that allows people to donate money to charity for every mile you run. You will have the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

You can undertake side projects that interest you and change the lives of people around you.

Become An Android App Developer

Hopefully, this guide has inspired you into wanting to become an android app developer. From the great starting salary to the ongoing job security, it is by far one of the best career choices you can make. Why not start learning to code today?

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