5 reasons you should start wearing human hair extensions

A thick mane of hair can be one of the most attractive features of an individual’s appearance. If you want to sport one like your favourite celebrity, then it is time to invest in some of the best human hair extensions.

By attaching hair extensions to the length of your existing hair, you can give your hair added length and volume. Moreover, you can now sport hairstyles of different lengths and even choose hair extensions that thoroughly blend with your natural hair colour. Here are some reasons why you should opt for human hair extensions rather than synthetic hair extensions.

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  1. More natural looking

Human hair extensions have an authentic appeal and will perfectly blend in with your hair. No one will be able to distinguish any difference between your hair and the extensions that you use. After all, it is real human hair you’re wearing. It just happens to be someone else’s, but nobody has to know about that. Synthetic hair extensions, meanwhile, do look more natural than before, but there’s still a huge difference with human hair in terms of being natural looking.

  1. Smarter investment

When choosing hair extensions that last longer, you cannot beat human hair extensions. Sure, synthetic is cheaper in the short run, but it doesn’t last as long as human hair. Additionally, they are not always the best quality so you may end up having to make multiple purchases for extensions that last a couple of months. Human hair extensions, meanwhile, can last up to a year and even more if taken care of properly.

  1. No irritation 
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Synthetic hair extensions can sometimes cause itchiness, redness, swelling, and rashes when making contact with the scalp or skin. This is because of the fragrances, preservatives, hair dyes, bleaches, and other chemicals used to help synthetic hair mimic real human hair. This problem is absent with real human hair extensions, which if installed correctly and gently, will cause no issues for the wearer whatsoever.

  1. Better texture

When you wear human hair extensions, you will find that it is not only more natural looking than synthetic extensions, but also has a more realistic texture and feel.  When you run your fingers through the extensions, you may even struggle to believe it’s not your own natural hair. Again, this is because these extensions are made from real human hair. While synthetic hair is much more realistic, it still pales in comparison to human hair, especially when you compare their touch side by side.

  1. More styling options

When you use human hair extensions, you will find that they are easier to style. Human hair extensions can handle higher temperatures, and these extensions can easily hold curls, waves and many more such styles. Additionally, because of their durability, they can also hold more ambitious and tight hairstyles.

Lastly, if you want to dye your extensions, you can do this as well. This is not the case with synthetic extensions which are unable to be dyed or colored due to their material.

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