5 Notes on Dental Implants You Must Know

Dental Implant

In order to ensure high-efficiency implant placement and avoid unnecessary complications, it is very important to pay attention to the notes after Implant implantation. Here are 5 very important implant notes that we want to share with you.

1. Note when implanting the Implant – Do not arbitrarily use pain relievers

The implant is a technique that affects the jawbone and gums, so bleeding is inevitable, and you will also feel pain during the time of integrating the Implant post with the bone in the tooth. However, you should not arbitrarily take pain relievers without a doctor’s prescription because it may cause a decrease in drug effect or prolonged bleeding.

So, if you feel too much pain and discomfort, please contact your doctor for advice and an appropriate prescription! You can also go to Dental implants Fort Lauderdale Florida, one of the most prestigious and quality dental centers in  Florida, USA for advice from the doctors here.

2. Reduce swelling with simple methods

After implant placement, swelling and pain are very normal and they will subside and disappear after about 2-3 days so you don’t need to worry too much. What you need to pay attention to when implanting at this time is to reduce swelling by a simple home method of applying ice outside your cheeks and lips.

3. Clean oral hygiene

Notes on Dental Implants

How to clean the teeth, a note when implanting the Implant is quite important to determine the success of the restoration. It directly affects your integration and healing process. So, learn how to properly clean your teeth to avoid bleeding, swelling, infection, etc., which prolongs your recovery time.

Use a small soft-bristled brush to clean your teeth, and brush gently so as not to damage the implant position. Do not use mouthwash in the first 3 days to avoid long-lasting wounds, swelling, and even rejection of the implant, causing implant failure. In addition to teeth, you need to be careful not to use sharp, hard objects to touch the implant because it can hurt and infect the gums.

4. The right diet

After implant placement, you need to pay attention to your diet to help the recovery process take place quickly and effectively. In the first 2 hours after surgery, the anesthetic has not worn off, you should not eat or drink to avoid damage to your lips, cheeks, and tongue.

Next, 24 hours after surgery, you can eat and drink but still need to be careful not to eat foods that are too hot, or too spicy such as chili sauce, satay, hot pot, or grill, … At the same time, avoid eating foods tough, hard and do not use straws because they will increase the possibility of bleeding gums.

During the 2 weeks before and after the Implant implant, you should not use stimulants such as beer, alcohol, or tobacco, … because they contain toxins when entering the blood, slowing down the process of bone integration. cause infection. In addition, you should also limit foods that can cause pus such as chicken, and sticky rice, sticky rice for about 1 month after the transplant to avoid swelling and inflammation.

After the implant process is complete, the implant has stabilized on the jaw and you no longer feel pain or swelling, you can eat and drink normally.

5. Visit the dentist on time

One more note when implanting is that you need to visit the dentist on time so the doctor can monitor and check the compatibility of the Implant post with the jawbone. One of the reputable dental centers you can visit is Dental implants Fort Lauderdale Florida. At Dental implants fort Lauderdale Florida, we have a team of qualified and experienced doctors who will give you complete peace of mind when visiting here.

Especially in the case that after Implant at  Dental implants Fort Lauderdale Florida you feel too much pain or have abnormal signs, you should also go to the dentist for timely examination and treatment.

Dental Implant is a complex technique, requiring the treating doctor to have high expertise and experience to be able to control the progress of the whole process. At the same time, it also requires specialized and modern dental equipment to best support the doctor. Therefore, Dental implants Fort Lauderdale Florida is a reputable place to perform safe and effective Implant implants.

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