5 myths about Lab Grown Diamonds

Buying a diamond can be very confusing with such a wide range of shape, size and colour of diamonds available in the market. But what can be more confusing is shopping for ethical diamonds. Earth mined diamonds are losing their popularity due to their association with funding wars and negatively impacting the environment. This has made people shy away from purchasing naturally mined diamonds since they do not want their choices to contribute to wars and damage the environment. As an alternative, lab grown diamonds have slowly started making their way into the hearts of people. However, the jewellery industry is an extremely competitive industry and therefore it is full of several myths about lab grown diamonds to prevent people from buying it. Let’s have a look at some of the popular myths about lab grown diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are not real diamonds

This myth about lab created diamonds have been doing rounds for a long time and it seems to have propagated from the people who have invested heavily in the mined diamond industry. This has been done to make people believe that lab created diamonds are fake products and what they are buying in inferior to the naturally mined diamonds. In reality, lab grown diamonds are identical to the naturally mined diamonds when it comes to their physical, chemical and optical properties. 

Lab grown diamonds are not as durable as natural diamonds

Diamonds are one the hardest material known to man and this fact led to the creation of the phrase “Diamonds are forever”. This phrase indicates the strength and durability of diamonds. However, many consumers have been led to believe that lab created diamonds are not as durable as the mined diamonds and may fade or discolour over time. This is completely untrue because the lab grown diamonds have the same optical, chemical and physical properties as that of mined diamonds because of which they are as durable as the naturally occurring diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are synthetic diamonds

Since their inception, lab grown diamonds have been labelled as synthetic diamonds because they are created in laboratory. The truth is that the science and method by which diamonds are created in a lab and the way they are created under the Earth’s surface is the same. Hence, calling the lab grown diamonds as synthetic diamonds is simple wrong.

Lab grown diamonds are not certified diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are certified by the same regulatory boards, such as the GIA, that certify the naturally mined diamonds. Since lab grown diamonds are real diamonds, it is imperative for the boards to certify them so that people can buy them without any doubts.

Lab grown diamonds are not eco-friendly diamondsThe misconception regarding lab grown diamonds not being eco friendly is completely false. In fact, it is the opposite. Lab grown diamonds used to make lab diamond rings and other jewellery are more eco friendly than mined diamonds because they do not damage the soil and its surrounding areas in the process of mining and extraction. Lab grown diamonds are created in a laboratory with practically no ill effects to the environment.

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