5 Loungewear to Reinvent Fashion at Home

Loungewear to Reinvent Fashion

The pandemic has made everybody couch potatoes, sitting at the comfort of our homes and munching on snacks. This ‘new normal’ has almost made people forget how life is outdoors, so much so that staying indoors has now become a more convenient choice. Of course, you can still dress up and do a photo shoot at home, but the new trend is cozy comfort.

From PJ sets to sexy underwear, the list of loungewear you can don comfortably and stylishly at home is endless! So, here is some must-have loungewear that is casual enough for a weekend sleepover and modern enough for a picnic on the beautiful beaches down in Surfers Paradise:

  1. PJ Sets

Arguably the most comfortable piece of clothing, PJ sets are quintessential wardrobe elements. These two-piece outfits are loose-fitted and come with cute patterns in your favorite colors. And, not only are they so much comfortable, but they also come in different styles. Your pajamas can be straight pants or stylish shorts, or they could be a cute little dress too. These usually come as blends of cotton and linen together, ensuring low tear and proper insulation. Sounds like it is time to call your friends home and host a PJ party!

  1. Bras and Knickers

Be it sexy underwear or lace bras; people love a good pair of bras and knickers. Meanwhile, bras come in various styles and shapes. Underwire bras for your favorite tees, push up bras to spice up your date nights, or bralettes for a Netflix and chill party: you name it, and you got it! Moreover, everyday comfort bras for boring days, sports bras for a steamy workout, or elastic maternity bras to suit your growing breasts; every situation has its bra to make you feel your best. 

In the meantime, the latest data shows that around 2.5 million Aussie women regularly purchase underwear, the statistics being at least one in four weeks. Also, stay-at-home briefs are the most popular comfort choice since they offer full coverage and optimal fitting for a chill day at home. On the other hand, cheeky days at home (and maybe a dip in the beach at sundown) calls for bikinis, Brazilians, or g-strings, just the way you like it. Even the dreaded days of menstrual cycles can be handled with specially manufactured period knickers that come with extra space and thicker fabric to help avoid leakage. 

  1. Babydolls

For more adventurous nights when you’re feeling like fun, there is a whole range of bodysuits, babydolls, and corsets that can transform your photoshoot into something Pinterest-worthy! Maybe a cosplay party with the corsets or a house of play-boy with the bodysuits: the ideas and scope for exploration are endless. Besides, these pieces also come in a variety of prints; from cheetah prints to strawberry fields, the aesthetic range is all-encompassing.  

  1. Shapewear

The pandemic has everybody championing a cute little belly or a little extra thigh fat. But worry not, since wearing your favorite LBDs never became easier. This shapewear is crafted with high-grade nylon-synthetic blends and is the epitome of comfort. They give you a delectable body contour as you wish without making you gasp for air!

  1. Robes

What’ll make you feel good after a long day of work from home and endless meetings? Perhaps, a long soak in the bathtub to slip right into your favorite bathrobe! These bathrobes are made from simple and comfortable cotton and even luxurious silk blends that define the mood of your night accordingly. Moreover, they not only offer full coverage and are cozy but can be experimented with in many different ways,

Author Name:Alison Lurie

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