5 Best Hair Styling Tips – How To Style Your Hair at Home

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Hairstylers are familiar items for girls, but not everyone knows how to create attractive hairstyles, right? Let’s try with Willtiptop now 5 tips to make the hair at home with a simple styler, keep the style for a long time!

How to choose the best machine: Remember the principle for you to choose the most perfect hair straightener is that the shorter the hair, the smaller the machine and vice versa. Adjust the right temperature: The highest temperature you can use for the clamping mechanism is 185°C. For those with thin hair, the appropriate temperature should range from 148 – 162°C.

1. Straight and smooth hair

Straight and smooth hair

Step 1: Comb your hair thoroughly. Then, apply a little conditioner to your hair to close the cuticles. Use a comb to brush again so that the conditioner is evenly absorbed into the hair. 

Step 2: Divide each hair strip before straightening to avoid the case you miss.

Step 3 : Spray a little glue to protect the hair from the heat.

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Step 4: Use a soft-bristled comb to brush again and then start using a hair straightener to straighten each divided curl.

Straight hair will enhance your gentle, simple but delicate beauty and help you look neater.

2. Curly hair

Curly hair

A very useful way used by salons and hairdressers most often is curling hair with a hairpin. Curling your hair with a straightener doesn’t make your hair frizzy, but it also adds volume and makes it look thicker.

Step 1: To prevent the hair from drying out, it is necessary to spray a hair conditioner to protect the hair cuticle.

Step 2: Then take each small curl of hair in turn, wrap it in the machine for 1 minute, then release, do this until all hair is gone.

Step 3: When you have finished styling all the hair, you can apply a layer of conditioner to make the hair smooth and avoid drying.

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3. Alternating curls and curls

Curls and curls are two different ways of curling that can be done simply with a straightener. Try both ways to see how you look.

Step 1: Curl

a girl is curling her hair

Start curling from the bottom half of the hair shaft, clamp the straightener and wrap it halfway. Hold the straightener for 30 seconds, then move the straightener gently from the hair shaft to the ends.

The faster you pull the straightener, the less curl your hair will have and the less obvious it will be. So, if you find your hair is less frizzy, reduce the speed when pulling the straightener back.

Step 2: Curl

Start curling at the position of the hair near the scalp, clamp the straightener and wrap it halfway. Then, move the straightener slowly down to the ends of your hair. 

Similar to curling, if you move the straightener slowly, you will have tighter curls, and vice versa if you move the straightener quickly, your hair will curl slightly in a wavy pattern.

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4. Small curls

If you want to return to the 1995 hair trend, instead of having to buy a hair straightener, you can completely use a straightener to make this hairstyle.

Step 1 : Brush your hair smooth and spray a layer of hair conditioner to protect the hair. 

Step 2 : Tie your hair into small braids. If you want bigger waves, less obvious creases, simply take larger curls to braid. 

Step 3 : Once the braids are secured, pull the straightener through each braid as if you were straightening your hair. After the braids have cooled, carefully remove each curl.

Step 4 : Remember to rub a styling cream between your palms and apply it to your hair for hold!

5. Bending bulging roof

The simplest variation is to curl the bangs. With just a compact hair styler, you have extremely bouncy and attractive bangs.

You use a small hair straightener to stretch from the roots to the ends, slightly curl your hands to form a spiral, giving your hair a natural curl.

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