44 exercises with TRX rope – Slim down the whole body easily at home

If you are bored with dumbbells and want to find something new, these 44 TRX rope exercises will be a perfect choice for you.

What is TRX wire?

TRX rope is the invention of a former US Navy (Navy Seal). TRX stands for Total-Body Resistance Exercise, TRX turns any exercise into a challenge for your core by using two simple resources: gravity and your body weight.

All you need to do is hang the TRX rope to a secure fixed position and depending on the exercise you will use your hands or feet to hold onto the TRX rope.

In general, when doing TRX exercises, part of your body is suspended from the rope and you can lean in or out of the rope to create resistance or instability.

TRX ropes have the advantage of being lighter and easier to carry anywhere than dumbbells, so you can take it with you to practice everywhere you go such as the office, the park, etc.

Let’s start doing exercises with TRX strings now

Exercises with TRX strings for the upper body

1. TRX Push Up

TRX Push Up

  • Target: Shoulders, chest, arms
  • Difficulty: Basic

The way to perform is no different from the basic push-up exercise, except that you will hook your feet on the TRX rope and your body weight will now be on your hands.

Keep your body straight and lower your elbows to do push-ups.

2. TRX Chest Press

TRX Chest Press

  • Target: Arms, chest
  • Difficulty: Basic

To perform this movement, first you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, grab the ends of the TRX rope with both hands, palms facing the floor, and raise your arms at shoulder height. Lean forward at a slight angle.

Bend your elbows and lower your chest between your hands. Focus on your chest and arms as you push back to the starting position.

3. TRX inverted row

YouTube video

  • Target: lats, biceps
  • Difficulty: Basic

Fix the rope at a height so that when you straighten your arms, your body does not touch the floor when leaning back (the closer the incline is to the floor, the more difficult it is).

Hold the handle firmly with both hands, legs close or hip-width apart. Slowly straighten your body and lean back while straightening your arms.

From this position, you focus on your lats and biceps pulling your body up until your chest is level with your grip. Remember to perform slow and controlled movements.

4. Kneeling triceps press

YouTube video

  • Target: Biceps
  • Difficulty: Basic

Kneel on the floor, grasp the TRX rope handle with both hands and extend your arms straight in front of you and shoulder width apart.

Lean forward while bending your elbows until your hands are at ear level, you should feel your triceps heat up. Use your back hand to straighten your arm and bring your body back to the starting position.

5. TRX Low row

TRX Low row

  • Targets: Back, abs, shoulders, biceps
  • Difficulty: Basic

This movement makes your upper back stronger and toned. Grasp the lever with palms facing each other. Lean back until the body weight is on the heels, the arms are extended, the body forms a diagonal line.

Squeeze your shoulder blades together and keep the stretch as you bend your elbows and pull your body up to touch your hands. Slowly lower back down to the starting position.

6. Single Arm Row

Single Arm Row

  • Targets: Back, abs, shoulders, biceps
  • Difficulty: Advanced

If you are familiar with the above Low Row exercise, now try to take it to a new level by performing this exercise with one hand and still maintain a standard posture.

7. Three-way row

YouTube video

  • Target: Back, abs, shoulders, biceps
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

The method is similar to the Low Row post above, except that you will do it with 3 different types of handles as follows. Do the move with palms up for a few reps, then switch to palms facing each other for a few reps and finally palms facing up for a few reps.

8. TRX Alligator

YouTube video

  • Targets: Shoulders, back, intercostals
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

This exercise with TRX strings is called Alligator because it depicts the open-mouthed position of the alligator. With both hands holding the TRX rope, lean back until your arms are fully extended.

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Pull yourself up with your right hand up and your left hand down, rotating your body to the right to activate the intercostal muscles and stabilize the movements. Lower the body, switch hands and repeat the movement for the other side.

9. Triceps extension

YouTube video

  • Target: Backhand
  • Difficulty: Basic

This TRX exercise has the same posture as you are doing push-ups. Grasp the handle with your palm facing down. Lean forward and straighten your arms.

Bend your elbows, lower yourself down until your hands are behind your head, and your elbows hug the sides of your head.

Extend your arms straight back to the starting position and repeat.

10. TRX Atomic push-up

TRX Atomic push-up

  • Target: Chest, shoulders, arms and abs
  • Difficulty: Advanced

This TRX rope exercise looks like a moving frog, but it’s actually going to be tough on your upper body when you bring your knees up to your elbows.

From a push-up position with your feet on the TRX rope, pull your knees up to touch your elbows, hold for a few seconds and then return to the starting position.

11. Chest fly

YouTube video

  • Target: Chest, arms
  • Difficulty: Advanced

If this exercise makes you think you have extra wings, it’s it.

Place the rope about 40cm from the ground, place your hands on the handles, legs straight and shoulder width apart.

Slowly extend your arms to the sides at shoulder height, lowering yourself down. Extend your arms but still bend your elbows, then bring your hands back to the starting position.

12. Biceps curl

TRX Biceps curl

  • Target: Front arm
  • Difficulty: Advanced

Hold both hands on the handle of the TRX rope, straighten your legs and lean back until your arms are straight.

To activate your biceps, or bend your elbows and lift yourself up, slowly straighten your arms back to the starting position.

13. Push up with pike

YouTube video

  • Target: Abs, arms
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

This is an extremely challenging TRX exercise for you. Get into a push-up position with your feet resting on the TRX band.

Pull your hips up so your body forms an inverted V. Make sure to keep the body fixed, not to shake when performing the movement. Then slowly bring your legs back to a push-up position. After returning to the push-up position, lower your elbows to perform a push-up and repeat the entire movement.

14. Y Fly

YouTube video

  • Targets: Abs, forearms and back
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms extended overhead, and body forming the letter Y.

Slowly lean back while bringing your hands in front of you, and repeat. Note that the TRX string must always be taut during the movement.

You’ll feel your back muscles work as you move from the lower position to the Y position, and your abs will engage to keep your body stable during the movement.

15. Clock Press

YouTube video

  • Target: Abs, shoulders, back, biceps
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

This exercise with TRX strings is really difficult for beginners, so you need to have some practice with TRX strings before trying this one.

Grasp the handle of the rope, lean forward about 30-45 degrees, arms straight (but still slightly bent at the elbows), feet shoulder-width apart.

First, bend the left elbow to lower the body (remember to squeeze close to the body) while moving the arm to the right in line with the shoulder. Your back, shoulders, biceps and abs will now have to use maximum strength to keep your body steady.

Slowly return to the starting position and switch sides.

16. Power pull

YouTube video

  • Targets: Upper back, abs, shoulders, intercostal muscles
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

Power Pull creates a strong body because this move combines a lot of muscle groups together to complete.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold the TRX rope in your left hand at chest height, and keep your elbows close to your chest. Right hand forward parallel to the TRX string.

Squeeze your abs, slowly rotate your body to the right bringing your right hand back to the side 180 degrees while your left arm is straight.

Bend your left hand and bring your body back to the starting position

17. Standing fallout

TRX Standing fallout

  • Targets: Chest, abs, shoulders
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

Are you ready for abs to burn, get into position like in exercise 2. Slowly lean forward while moving your arms upwards until your body forms a straight line. Move your arms down and back to the starting position.

18. T deltoid fly

YouTube video

  • Target: Back, shoulders
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

This exercise with the TRX rope helps to strengthen your back and shoulders a lot. Stand up straight, put your right foot a few centimeters in front of your left foot, two hands on the handle of the rope.

Lean back so that your weight is on your left leg and stretch the TRX rope, arms stretched in front of your chest.

Pull yourself up by extending your arms to the side to form a T-shape and shift your weight to your right leg.

19. Side-straddle golf swings

YouTube video

  • Targets: Back, chest, shoulders
  • Difficulty: Basic

While you don’t feel exactly like you’re golfing, this twist challenges your upper body in a whole new way.

Stand facing the TRX band, feet shoulder-width apart, and place your hands on the TRX handle with palms facing down holding it in front of your chest. Keeping your weight on your left leg, lean forward slightly, eyes straight. Slowly rotate your body to the left and up over your head.

Return to the starting position and switch sides.

Exercises with TRX strings for the lower body

20. Lunge

TRX Lung

  • Target: Legs, stomach
  • Difficulty: Basic

This is an improvement over the Luneg exercise on the floor. Turn your back to the rope, put 1 foot on the TRX rope, the other foot should stand straight on the floor, the foot distance should be placed behind so that when you lower you feel most comfortable and do not hurt your knees when lowering your body.

21. TRX Squat

TRX Squat

  • Target: Abs, buttocks, thighs
  • Difficulty: Basic

Squat is an exercise that most people do, and squats with TRX strings are usually very easy to do, you just need to hold both hands on the TRX rope handles and perform the squat.

22. Hamstring pull-in (hamstring curl)

TRX Hamstring pull-in (hamstring curl)

  • Targets: Back thighs, buttocks, hips
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

Lie on your back on the floor, place your heels on the TRX rope, arms extended to the sides for balance. Squeeze your abs, lift your hips off the floor, and keep your body stationary, not swinging. Pull your heels as close to your buttocks as you can. Then straighten out and do it again.

23. Single-leg hamstring pull-in (single-leg hamstring curl)

  • Target: Thighs, buttocks, hips
  • Difficulty: Intermediate, Advanced
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This exercise with the TRX strings is exactly the same as the one above, except that the half will be performed with one leg while the other leg remains still in the air.

24. Curtsy lunge (crossing balance lunge)

YouTube video

  • Targets: Front thighs, buttocks, calves
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

This may be an exercise with a pretty name, but it’s a tough exercise for the legs. The practice is similar to the Lunge exercise above, except that when your legs are brought back, they will cross over the supporting leg instead of just coming back.

25. Lateral lunge

YouTube video

  • Target: Buttocks, thighs, abs
  • Difficulty: Basic

Standing in front of the TRX rope, hold the rope with your hands so that it is at chest height, with both hands grasping the ends of the rope, standing straight with your feet wider than your shoulders.

Slowly lower the left leg until the left thigh is parallel to the floor, then stop. Push back to starting position and switch sides.

26. Curtsy lunge to lateral lunge

YouTube video

  • Targets: Buttocks, thighs, calves, abs
  • Difficulty: Advanced

This is an exercise with TRX strings that combines 2 Lunges number 24 and 25 above only, after performing Lunge number 24, you bring your legs to the side and perform Lunge number 25.

27. Single-leg bent

  • Target: Thighs, buttocks, calves
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

The way to do this move is quite similar to the exercise with the 24th TRX string, but it will add a specific knee lift as follows.

Stand up straight with your hands on both ends of the TRX rope, bend your left knee to 90 degrees so that your thigh is parallel to the floor, lower your right leg into a squat position, and bring your left foot behind your right foot and touch your toes to the floor. Reverse the movement and do the required number of repetitions, then switch sides.

Exercises with TRX strings for the whole body

28. Reverse mountain climber

TRX Reverse mountain climber

  • Targets: Back Arms, Abdominals, Thighs, Hip flexors
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

This exercise is similar to the Mountain Climber fat burning exercise, but you will do it in the opposite position.

First, put 2 heels on the rope and legs straight, 2 hands on the floor, fingers pointing towards 2 legs. Raise your body parallel to the floor, pull your knees toward your chest, then stretch your legs and repeat.

Do it as quickly as possible while still making sure your body doesn’t shake when performing the movement.

29. Suspended plank with abduction

YouTube video

  • Targets: Abs, hips, shoulders and intercostals
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

This TRX plank exercise will increase the difficulty of the basic plank by 1 level. Proceed as follows

Place your feet on the TRX rope and get into Plank position. Then extend your legs to the side, hold still for a few seconds, then retract your legs and try to keep your body stable, not wobbly when performing this plank.

30. Squat and fly

YouTube video

  • Targets: Buttocks, thighs, calves, abs, shoulders, Hip flexors
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

An excellent TRX full body workout from head to toe.

First, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, grab the handles with both hands and raise them overhead in a V shape. You should stand away from the TRX string so that the TRX string is always taut when you perform the movement.

To sit down to a squat position, you should sit down as deeply as you can, while lowering your arms forward to shoulder height. Stand up straight again and raise your arms overhead.

31. Knee drive (sprinter start)

YouTube video

  • Targets: Buttocks, calves, thighs, lower back, abs
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

This exercise with TRX rope is extremely suitable for those who love running, especially sprinting.

Stand up straight, two hands on the handle of the strap holding in front of the chest. Lean forward and shift your weight onto your toes until the TRX is taut.

Pull your left knee forward until your thigh is parallel to the floor, right leg stretched behind you. Pause a little at the top of the movement then bring the leg back and repeat, then switch sides.

32. Glute bridge

TRX Glute bridge

  • Targets: Glutes, hamstrings, back
  • Difficulty: Basic

This exercise is usually done with a chair, but with the TRX rope it will be a bit more difficult because you need to work the back muscles to keep the body stable as well as the glutes and hamstrings have to be more involved.

Lie on your back on the floor, put your heels on the rope, then thighs and shins form a 90-degree angle, arms extended to the sides for balance.

Lift your hips up until your knees to your shoulders form a straight line, contract your glutes at the top of the movement, and slowly lower your hips down with control.

33. Mountain climber

YouTube video

  • Targets: Abdomen, buttocks, thighs, chest, upper back, arms, shoulders
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

An interesting cardio exercise that you can apply to burn excess fat in your body.

Place your feet on the TRX rope, then get into a high plank position.

Start pulling the left knee near the left elbow, then bring it back and do the same for the right leg. You do it as quickly as possible, but make sure you still maintain a good posture, do not shake when performing.

34. Single-leg burpee

YouTube video

  • Targets: Shoulders, chest, arms, abs, buttocks, legs
  • Difficulty: Advanced

The burpee is an effective full-body fat-burning exercise and quite a few people love (and hate) it, it’s normally quite difficult to do but with TRX strings? There will be more challenges for you.

First, get into a plank position and put your left foot on the TRX band, right foot on the floor.

You will do the burpee as usual, only now you will only do it with 1 leg only.

35. Single-leg squat

TRX Single-leg squat

  • Target: Abs, buttocks, legs, arms
  • Difficulty: Advanced

One leg squat is really a challenge for many people, performing a squat with a trx rope also helps to further improve the stability of the body.

Stand facing the TRX, 2 hands on the belt handle at your waist height.

Raise your left leg off the floor, then lower back down to a squat on your right leg, keeping your left leg forward parallel to the floor. Your hands move according to the tension of the TRX string.

Push back up to the starting position and repeat.

36. Spiderman push-up

TRX Spiderman push-up

  • Targets: Chest, triceps, abs, intercostals, lower back, shoulders, core
  • Difficulty: Advanced

Spider-Man push-ups aren’t always easy and for more challenge, this exercise with the TRX rope is a great choice.

First get into a push-up position with your feet on the rope, lower your elbow while pulling your right knee up to your right elbow. Push back to starting position and repeat for left side.

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37. Squat and row

TRX Squat and row

  • Target: Buttock, thigh muscles. upper back
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

The combination of Squat and Row is a good choice for a full body workout. Stand up straight with both hands on the TRX handle, bring your arms close to your chest and keep your wrists at chest level. Lean back slightly to stretch the rope.

Straighten your arms to lean back, after fully reclining, move into a squatting position, sitting as deeply as you can.

Stand up in a reclined position, then bend your elbows to pull yourself up to the starting position.

38. Burpee to scorpion

YouTube video

  • Targets: Shoulders, chest, arms, abs, glutes, legs, intercostals
  • Difficulty: Advanced

In case you have mastered the single-leg burpee exercise, this will be the step for you to take it to a new and more challenging level.

First, you still enter a push-up position with 1 foot on the left TRX rope, right foot to hover in the air level with the left foot.

Do one push-up down and up. After coming up, your right leg will be raised high towards the left. Then lower down and also bring to the left. Finally, stand up with your right foot.

Repeat the movement then switch legs.

Exercises with TRX strings for core muscles

39. Suspended plank

YouTube video

  • Targets: Abs, intercostals, shoulders
  • Difficulty: Basic

You already know how basic Plank is and you want it to be more difficult, this is the exercise you should try.

The way to practice is no different from the basic Plank, the only difference is that you will put your feet on the TRX rope.

40. Pendulum swings

YouTube video

  • Target: Abs, intercostals
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

This TRX rope exercise is quite fun, first you will get into a Plank position with your legs on the rope, then you start moving your legs to the sides while keeping your upper body stable.

On the easy level of this exercise, you will only swing your legs left and right, on the more difficult level you will simultaneously pull your knees up to nearly your left and right elbows.

41. Torso rotation

YouTube video

  • Target: Abs, intercostals
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

Stand up straight with your left foot behind your right foot. Two hands holding the rope close together. Slowly lean back about 45 degrees, body weight on the left leg behind.

Pull your body straight up by turning your body to the left and your hands slightly above your head (2 arms still straight). Turn around and at the same time lean back, repeat the movement.

42. Side plank

TRX Side plank

  • Target: Intercostal muscles
  • Difficulty: Basic

Get into a basic plank position with your feet on the rope. Then rotate the body to the left while bringing the upper arm up perpendicular to the floor and keep that position. You can do an extra move that moves your left arm down your body and then up again.

Another more difficult variation is in the horizontal position, where you will push your hips up, hold for a few seconds, and then lower.

43. Atomic pike (suspended pike)

YouTube video

  • Target: Shoulders, abs
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

This is a relatively difficult exercise with TRX strings, you need to have good body control to be able to do it.

First, you get into the basic Plank position with 2 straight arms and 2 feet placed on the rope, paying attention to place the rope at the ankle position and the toe of the foot facing the floor.

Do one push-up in this position, as you come up you will push your hips up to form an inverted V. Lower and repeat the movement.

44. Crunch and curl

TRX Crunch and curl

  • Target: Biceps, abs
  • Difficulty: Basic

The combination of crunches and biceps is also a good way to practice with TRX strings.

Lie on your back on the floor, knees bent, feet completely on the floor. The two hands holding the TRX rope are extended so that the body is completely on the floor.

Squeeze your abs and lift your shoulders off the floor while bending your arms toward your shoulders. Slowly lower back to the starting position.

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