4 Tips on how to take care of your linen clothing

Linen- the gorgeous fabric obtained from the flax plant is an all-natural fabric with its own set of unique properties. People worldwide belonging to different nationalities, age groups, and demographics love wearing linen clothing during warm, sunny months or year-round in temperate climates. Why? Linen is a breathable fabric; it wicks away moisture from your skin, helps regulate your body temperature, and keeps you comfortable all day long. These are some characteristic properties of linen fabric that have been appreciated for thousands of years. Over that, it is stronger than cotton, making it a popular choice for clothing and other household textiles like tablecloths, bed linen, towels, etc.

Linen has always been a smart choice for all occasions. Whether it is a business meeting or heading for a vacation, linen adds to your attire and instantly makes it elegant and stylish. Moreover, once you love the linen fabric, you will be delighted to know how easy they are to care for. This article further explains how to take care of your linen clothes. Read on!

How to take care of linen clothing?

No doubt, linen is an easy-to-care fabric, but you cannot deprive it of the attention and minimal care it deserves. You can, of course, machine wash it or dry-clean it, but it is advisable to check the manufacturer’s care label and follow the instructions (if any). This is because if your clothing is a blend of linen and rayon or cotton, its care instructions can be different.

Washing of linen clothes

You can wash linen clothes at a low temperature, preferably in lukewarm or cold water. If machine wash, you can use a mild detergent with a delicate or short cycle to protect your fabric. Remember not to overcrowd your machine and wash your soft, lightweight clothing separately. Also, don’t put your whites and colour clothes separately as the new linen dyes might bleed in the wash.

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If you consider hand-washing your linen clothes, use cold water and steer clear of harsh laundry detergents to ensure your clothing lives longer. Plus, never scrub or twist your linen fabric; use only gentle motions to clean your linen clothes.

Drying of linen clothes

Linen dries super fast, so you can simply leave it for air-dry. But make sure you use a drying rack or lay your piece of garment flat on a towel to dry. Avoid using hangers to dry your linen clothes as they leave marks on garments.

Remember not to use a clothes dryer to dry your linen clothes, or you will have a hard time ironing them. However, you can machine dry your linen clothes; all you need to keep in mind is select the low-heat program or no-heat settings. It is better to remove it from the machine dryer while it is still damp; otherwise, it will become stiff.


Unlike cotton, there’s no need to iron linen clothes unless they have become crushed. The inherent natural creases and crumples of linen give it a soft, drapey, and relaxed feel. But if you prefer ironing your clothes before you wear them, it is advisable to iron when the garment is still damp. You can use a medium-hot iron with a steam setting, and don’t forget to iron both sides of the garment if ironing white linen; otherwise, while ironing dark coloured linen, press only on the reverse side.


Linen clothing items will wrinkle when stored in dresser drawers, so always hang them in the closet. If not, you will have to iron multiple creases and rumples. You can use sturdy plastic or wooden hanger to store your garments in the closet; this will help the linen fabric retain its shape. Also, remember to hang them up immediately after cleaning to reduce wrinkles.

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