30 Upcycling Vertical Garden for Limited Spaces

If you’re short on space but still want to add some greenery to your life, these upcycling vertical gardens below can be great solutions. These gardens can also be a great way to grow herbs, fruits, and vegetables, or even to create a living wall that purifies the air in your home. With a bit of creativity and effort, you can turn almost any household item into unique and personalized vertical gardens that add character and beauty to your home.
30 Upcycling Vertical Garden for Limited Spaces
Many of the materials used for upcycling, such as wooden pallets, tin cans, and plastic bottles, can be found for free or at a low cost. This makes it an accessible option for those on a budget. Also, upcycling old items is an environmentally friendly practice as it reduces waste and gives new life to discarded objects. By creating something beautiful and functional out of discarded items, you can feel a sense of accomplishment and creativity. They are creative ways to add some greenery to your life while reducing waste and saving money.

#1 Tin Can Vertical Garden

Source: tommassey

#2 Utility Rack Vertical Herb Garden

Source: gardentherapy

#3 Metal Pot Vertical Garden

Source: crazylaura

#4 Hanging Plastic Bottle Garden

Source: crazylaura

#5 Hanging Salad Garden

Source: tuacasa

#6 Herb Pallet Garden

Source: gardentherapy

#7 Vertical Wood Box Garden

Source: pinterest

#8 Vertical Self Watering Garden

Source: Tipjunkie

#9 Amazing Vertical Garden Using Milk Powder Cans

Source: pinterest

#10 Living Picture Vertical Herb Garden

Source: gardentherapy

#11 Recycled Milk Jug Garden

Source: linktr

#12 PVC Pipe Garden

Source: pinterest

#13 Fence Garden

Source: makeit-loveit

#14 Environmentally Friendly Plastic Vertical Garden

Source: pinterest

#15 Shoe Organizer For A Vertical Garden

Source: pinterest

#16 Rain Gutter Vertical Garden

Source: imgur

#17 PVC Pipe Garden On Wall

Source: thisnzlife

#18 Metal Wall Planter

Source: rcwilley

#19 Ammo Can Vertical Herb Garden

Source: ryanbenoitdesign

#20 Vintage Ladder Vertical Herb Garden

Source: gardentherapy

#21 Clay Pot Tower

Source: flickr

#22 Stacked Wood Crate Garden

Source: igardendaily

#23 Rain Boot Planter

Source: pinterest

#24 Salad Gutter Fence Planter

Source: Fabio Lucindo

#25 Hanging Shelf Garden

Source: pinterest

#26 Rusty Fence Garden

Source: hometalk

#27 Old Door Garden

Source: bewhatwelove

#28 Reused Old Window Garden

Source: finecraftguild

#29 PVC Wall Garden

Source: Minna Hyttinen

#30 Hanging Front Yard Herb Garden

Source: onekindesign

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