30 Small Baby Blue Flowers To Perk Up Your Outdoor Space

If you are looking for ways to add texture and color to change the look of your garden, the collection of our post today will give you a lot of options. Here are 30 Small Baby Blue Flowers To Perk Up Your Outdoor Space. They are delicate and charming flowers but can add a beautiful and calming element to any landscape. No matter where they are grown, they surely will bring a touch of soft and serene color to your spaces. Explore them to find some that can the perfect addition to your garden.
30 Small Baby Blue Flowers To Perk Up Your Outdoor Space
There are many varieties that you can choose from, right? They have various shades of blue that these flowers come in and a wide range of sizes and shapes. Also, there are some that have the ability to attract pollinators and their ease of care. Not just staying at showing off the natural beauty to liven up your yard, they also can be incorporated into garden designs, including used as borders, groundcovers, and accents in mixed plantings.

#1 Sky Blue Lobelia

Source: buchanansplants

#2 Glory of the Snow

Source: gardenersworld

#3 Bird-Bill Dayflower

Source: usda

#4 Blue Violet

Source: gobotany

#5 Great Blue Lobelia

Source: laurensgardenservice

#6 Desert Bluebells

Source: anniesannuals

#7 Love-in-a-Mist

Source: incredibleseeds

#8 Dwarf Morning Glory

Source: progreen-services

#9 Lily of the Nile

Source: dengarden

#10 Fairy Thimbles

Source: inaturalist

#11 Blue Star

Source: growingwildnursery

#12 Pincushion Flowers

Source: springhillnursery

#13 Lungwort

Source: gardenersworld

#14 Forget-Me-Nots

Source: farmersalmanac

#15 Poppy Anemone

Source: plants

#16 Periwinkle

Source: gardeningknowhow

#17 Veronica Georgia Blue

Source: floweryprose

#18 Tweedia

Source: milkweed4monarchs

#19 Siberian Squill

Source: gardenista

#20 Rapido Blue Bellflower

Source: bumbleseeds

#21 Stiff Blue-Eyed Grass

Source: npsot

#22 Chicory

Source: gardeningknowhow

#23 Speedwell

Source: waltersgardens

#24 Scarlet Pimpernel

Source: alchetron

#25 Globe Thistle

Source: gardenersworld

#26 Jack Frost Siberian Bugloss

Source: finegardening

#27 Empire Blue Butterfly Bush

Source: vivaiprandini

#28 Fuseables Pleasantly Blue Petunia

Source: plantsmap

#29 Azure Aster

Source: awildgarden

#30 Cape Town Blue Felicia Daisy

Source: gardenia

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